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*Pokes head in at the door* “Hello, dusty old room! I got the invite!” *ushers in Jim and Tisha, who wipe their boots and take seats* *Zach (my newest charrie) strides in with a charming smile and shows Megyn to her seat, making her laugh at his jokes*

Me: “Okay, okay. Here we go-”
Would your character rather kiss a frog to break a curse, or have to become the frog to break the curse?

Zach: “Huh.”*laughs* “Even though being a frog might be fun for a while, think I’d rather kiss it. I wouldn’t want to get stuck that way.”

Tisha: “If I could switch from my frog form to my human form freely, I’d become the frog. It be a great cover. Otherwise, I’d rather stay human.”

Megyn: “I want to do whatever it takes to break the curse, no matter what. Since I have a choice, though, I think I’d rather kiss the frog.”

Jim: *Looks awkward* “I’ll become the frog.”

Would your character rather be a successful actor/actress or a famous Youtuber?

Zach: “Oh, Actor, for sure!”

Tisha: “Eh-” *Considers a moment* “To be honest, I’d rather not be famous at all. Fame and fortune have many pitfalls, tripwires and strings attached, so to speak. But, I suppose I would go with YouTuber. I’d have more freedom to use my creativity and passion to God’s glory.”

Megyn: *smiles* *fist bumps Tisha* “I agree with that 100%!”

Jim: “Don’t know anythin’ about movies and actin’. Don’t know a lick about YouTube either.”

Me: *clicks tongue with sympathy* “Yeah, neither of these good for you, are they? I’ll give you pass on this one.”

Would your character rather die a peaceful death with the people they love, or be able to live but have to change their identity and never see their loved ones again?

Zach: *sobers* *thinks for a moment* “The first one.”

Tisha: *nods* “Yes. . . though I don’t really have any. Does my dog count?”

Megyn: *hugs her* “You have me.”

Tisha: *hugs her back* “True.”

Me: “Yeah, the dog counts.”

Megyn: “I would agree with them, though my death would hurt them. But they’d be more at peace knowing I’m in heaven and at rest, than not knowing where I am or what is happening to me.”

Jim: *looking straight ahead, face unreadable*

Me: “Oof!” *hugs him* * whispers to other “Character parents”* “He’s living the second one.”

Jim: “I’m with ye’all.”

Me: “Okay, new question¬† . . .”
Would your character rather give even though you knew the gift wasn’t appreciated/was being wasted or would you hold back?

Psalm 119:11
Your word I have hidden in my heart,
That I might not sin against You.

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