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Brian Stansell

Hi Noah! @noah-cochran

There used to be a tradition of studying the masters when it comes to art.  I think some of the same principles apply to studying authors who do fight scenes well.

One of the authors I think does this in a spectacular way is Louis L’Amour. [Yes, the western writer]  What many do not know is that the man wrote many of his characters drawing from his own personal experiences.  Among his many jobs and experiences during his amazing life, he was a professional boxer for a time and won 51 of his 59 bouts.  From his experience, he brings an authentic feel to his fight scenes.  There is a fight scene at the end of Chapter 8 pgs. 184-189 in Chapter 9 of his novel “Westward The Tide” that is done exceptionally well and carries the tension of the fight all the way through.
Let me see if I can send you some screenshots of those pages.  Also remember that L’Amour did not just write westerns but also historical novels “The Walking Drum”, mystery/detective novels, and military novels “Last of The Breed”, etc.
Seems to me more authors would benefit from reading L’Amour since in life and in battle, he was a man who knew firsthand of what he was writing about.

Brian Stansell (aka O'Brian of the Surface World)
I was born in war.
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