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E. N. Leonard


I really like what you’ve got so far! I do have a question: Is Benevola Haven small? Why can’t people live in or escape to the rest of the (former) US? Also I’m already sad that Tray got culled 🙁 Maybe it’s because I also have an environmentalist streak XD

Yes, Benevola Haven is pretty small, and the Benevolents take extreme measures to keep everyone inside (think iron curtain), supposedly for “safety” because the rest of the US is in an utter mess of chaos. Isaias is one of the only people who regularly sneaks out of the Haven bc he’s a little crazy in a good way 😂 “Whaddya mean I can’t go hiking? I want to draw a tree!” XD Tray honest probably accompanies him.

As for Tray…I sometimes cry over my story ideas when I get them…😢…especially Ríadné but that’s getting off topic XD

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