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Noah Cochran


Maybe, but my brain likes to write everything in order–no filling things in after I write the bare bones. But perhaps I will try it.


A sound set of steps!

Third (if I’m smart) I get someone to read it.

This is probably the most valuable thing we can all do. I shall get around to it someday. xD


 Ask yourself, do we really need to know that he swung his sword to the left, or can I just show the effects of what the blow did? (I have tried this with some success)

I write similarly (after my first book which was an abysmal mess of move-by-move fight scenes). However, I’m thinking more about battles and big picture fights than the one-on-one combat scenes or sequences. Know of any good, relatively large skirmishes or battles I could take a look at?

You may even try to use short words, to manipulate your readers I to feeling that it is shorter than it is.

Great advice, will definitely put that in my mind.

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