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Catholic Creed

First I do a bit of basic ‘choreography’ if you will. Get the characters through the motions as quick as possible. Throw in any relevant dialogue. Give all the stage directions. This is very quick and I often go through numerous versions to find one that actually works.

Second, I flesh it out – I see it like a movie in my head and that does NOT translate to page well at all. So I have to find the details that do. Well, that usually is the emotions. You can have a lot of fun with the internal monologue to make things very chaotic.

Third (if I’m smart) I get someone to read it. Usually I am not smart.

The usual third is research. The weapons, survivor accounts, bits of research into the setting (like, I’ve got a series of fight-scenes that take place on a space-station for alchemists which is going to involve some very interesting research).

Fourth, another rewrite.


I have yet to write a fight scene I actually like – I’m a little weak there. But when I actually follow all these steps, I can churn out something tolerable.

So, yeah … (lol)

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