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The Inkspiller

Apologies for necroing this thread, but since it’s here, I too have a depressing poem to share. Also @Anne-of-lothlorien, since you like me also tend to lurk around and comment on things every few months…


Heart of Glass

I was born with a heart of glass
Which glitters in the morning
And magnifies my mourning
Bared to wind and woe and weald
Transparently I loved her
I stored up for her my love’s treasure amass’d
I promised her, my love would never yield
And to me she promised in a murmur
She would always stay

But she was not born with a heart of glass
Hers was but a heart of flesh
And hearts of flesh can only love so long
My heart of glass was cracked
My love and joy going the way of winter grass
My hope and happiness like grain threshed
Beaten with guilt and every way wronged

My heart of glass was never a perfect heart
It loved too much, and yielded too little
In its intimacy, it became brittle
And shattered to reveal beneath my fleshy, fallen heart.




I am not a good poet. I have a poor grasp of meter, clumsy rhymes, and no real appreciation for the mechanics.

What I do have is a lot of sadness and pain, which I’ve heard makes for some good poetry. 😛

I’m unfortunately only half kidding around. I always seem to end up coming back to Story Embers whenever life goes flat and loses its flavor as other pursuits turn into dead ends and treasured relationships abruptly end.



There is a poem.

I guess I would appreciate critical feedback just as much as sympathy. Craft must always be improved.

Non nobis Domine, sed nomini, Tuo da gloriam.

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