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@emily-waldorf @e-n-leonard the Save the Cat method is kind of an expansion of the three act plot structure that gives you very clear “beats” or plot points that occur in a certain order at certain times.  I really like that it’s extremely structured, but also very flexible!  I found that after I read about it and really thought about it, I realized that the plot points had to be based off of the most emotionally engaging routes, not the most logical or convenient routes (logical outcomes are still very important, but if that’s all you’ve got, the plot can start to feel…stale?  In my opinion.)

Basically…I had to create some more targeted character flaws/emotional pain, which I’ve been working on.  So far, it’s starting to make more sense (although I have very, very little plot figured out.)  It’s…kind of a tough process, but the characters are starting to feel more real!

I’ve heard of the poem, but I’m not super familiar with Poe’s work (a bit too dark for my tastes.)  I just really like bird-watching XD

We had ravens back in Washington!  I just moved to the East last week, and they’re not as common here :’)  They liked to fly around our property (0ften as pairs,) and I’d frequently hear them croaking XD  It was really cool knowing they were around, and they looked like they were having fun!

Also, scientists are pretty sure that ravens mate for life, and they go through routines (like flight displays and preening each other) to strengthen their bonds!  They’re also INCREDIBLY intelligent

They’re one of my favorite birds, along with vultures and owls 🙂

I really like what you’ve got so far!  I do have a question: Is Benevola Haven small?  Why can’t people live in or escape to the rest of the (former) US?

Also I’m already sad that Tray got culled 🙁  Maybe it’s because I also have an environmentalist streak XD


*laughs as one fey*

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