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E. N. Leonard


Thank you so much! This is so helpful! Jade being inactive is part of what’s been driving me crazy with this story. And yes, Jade thought Mara was a friend, and so did everyone else. Sorry I failed to mention this.

As for who Isaias is…that’s complicated. He’s a friend of all theirs, who generally spreads insight or chaos wherever needed, but I have a sneaking suspicion he’s in love with Jade. Because both Jade and I are somewhat allergic to romance, I really don’t want that to end up as anything major. The others are more than enough of that subplot for my taste. Anyway, Isaias’s family’s home is kind of a “safe place” for everyone.

As for the Suspense™️, let’s see what I can say without spoilers…um, pretty much anything bad that could happen in Jade’s absence did. And Isaias had to bring her all the bad news, effectively delivering the last blow of failure. Oh, and yes, it’s not possible in this world for anyone to quit their career. It’s a do-it-until-you-physically-can’t-and-then-you-die system.

All of these little questions you’re asking are great. I’m going to go do a brainstorm and write-up with them, and then I’ll report back what I’ve figured out.

I’ve never watched either of those, but now I’m kind of curious about what’s similar. 🤔

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