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E. N. Leonard

Aiee. The Plot. Here goes!

I am currently in the middle of changing a bunch of stuff, so this will be extra muddled 😁😬🫣

Let’s see… Jade wants to be a ballerina, and the world goes off the deep end, America gets nuked and whatnot. The Haven rises. Her dad is mad about what he sees going on. Mara’s family prefers to suck up to the big baddies, but Mara herself doesn’t really care to. She’s becoming a Protector only to please them. However, the Head Benevolent’s son, Victor, who is a friend of hers, wants to keep her from doing this because he knows things about the process of becoming a Protector that she doesn’t. He also loves Mara. Jade’s trying to find joy and peace in the middle of all the crazy (theme! I love themes!) while she pursues becoming a ballerina despite the crazy. Jade’s dad is trying to sabotage the Benevolents, and Jade’s trying to stop him because she’s convinced he’s going to get himself killed. Jade blames herself for her cousin Airu’s suicide, so she is especially invested in preventing any more deaths in the family. Jade’s dad blows up a government building that has Mara’s dad and little brother Rael in it. Jade is far from happy about this. So is Mara, who searches out the perpetrator and turns him in. Thus, Jade’s dad gets executed. Jade and her mother are devastated. Isaias helps Jade to recover, but her mom falls into depression. Mara finds out that revenge didn’t actually accomplish anything. She also is having major guilt and anger issues. Meanwhile Rosemary is trying to avoid being made a Doctor on the Day of Destiny, but she’s too smart to escape notice. When that Day comes, Jade does achieve her dream, but Rosemary’s boyfriend Tray gets Culled, and Rosemary ends up becoming a Doctor, which is BAD in this society for a compassionate person. I think Victor might end up marrying Mara in an attempt to protect her from ending up as a Protector. I know she does end up as a Benevolent though. Jade has to leave on a ballet performance tour to celebrate Benevola’s union with the global government that I’m currently calling Earth of Peace. She does the performance and finds out the terrible things that will result of joining the Earth of Peace. When she gets back, Isaias…informs her of dreadful things I won’t say here…(Suspense™️)… There will be hope despite the dark ending, though!

And Victor might be demanding a sequel narrating his struggle to redeem Mara 😭

Wow. 😳 That was a long mess. Anyway, I hear things about plot points and plot structure, but when I look at my stories I’m like, “things…just happen….” I also seem to be going way too fast. I’m at roughly 25,000 words but Jade’s already had her dark night of the soul. I also honestly have no idea what happens between her dad’s execution and the Day of Destiny other than trying to deal with grief and pull her mom out of depression.

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