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E.B. Raulands


Thank-you! I would really appreciate any help you can give. 🙂

Ideally, I would like to write a completed novel with 50,000 words, but I’m not sure that is going to be feasible. The goal that’s most important to me right now is getting in the habit of consistently setting aside time to write/hitting a consistent word count each day. So, even if I don’t finish a book this month, establishing a writing routine that fits into my schedule would be fantastic.


Hey, that’s great! I haven’t looked much into joining the “official” NaNo organization–I know that they’re secular, and I’m not sure whether I would want to be part of that writing community. However, it would be great if I could begin forming connections in a Christian community, which is part of the reason I came to Story Embers again. Thank-you for telling me about Glory Writers! I’m definitely checking them out to see whether I can be a part of their group.

To the glory of God and for the advancement of His kingdom.

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