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Thank you so much for your reply!

Sometimes we writers can feel a little stagnated or even drained because we are either only taking in, or only flowing out and the content of what we take in, may affect what flows out of us.

That’s a very interesting point, and one I hadn’t really thought of. I have been reading and watching a variety of new genres and discovering new things about writing through it, but I haven’t really been applying any of them. I think it might be a part of editing, because the story already exists, so it leaves less room to apply new techniques.

I think I’m going to look into writing shorter fiction, even if very brief or unfinished, just for a change. I have a different project I’m outlining that I’ve been putting aside to focus on editing, I may start working on it a bit more to try out the new things I have learned.

Or even just flash fiction and short stories, anything that has a different voice and perspective from what I’m currently doing.

One thing that is most important, is making sure you are spending some daily, quality time in fellowship with The Creator, and are ingesting His Story so that it can breathe life through your story.

Amen, excellent advice always 🙂

Also, I am just wondering why you feel anxious about publishing your work.  Sometimes the very thing that ministers to us and grows us and stretches us, is also beneficial to others.  We don’t live in silos, and neither were we created to.

That’s a good point, and it is something I’ve been thinking about. I don’t think my choice not to publish (soon) comes from a place of anxiety anymore. It definitely did at a time, but as I’ve grown as a writer that has kind of disappeared. I don’t feel worried about how people will recieve the story anymore.

I’m not currently planning to persue publication within the next few years, but that’s not to say I never will with this story. I want to get the story to a point where I can put it aside for a few years, write something else, and circle back to it with a more mature perspective. I’m in no hurry to publish, and I still have a lot of time, so waiting a while won’t hurt 🙂

Another thing to consider is are you varying what you intake from time to time.  If you tend to consume the same old stuff, it may make you feel plateaued, because you are not exploring paths that renew, expand and revitalize your circles of interests.

That’s great advice, and it’s something I’ve been focusing on recently! I still tend to get stuck in familiar patterns, so I have to remind myself to try new things too.

Thank you so much for your advice, it definitely gave me a new perspective on the problem and a potential solution!

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