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Brian Stansell

Hi Tenshi, (@tenshichispa)

There can be a number of factors related to what may

hinder people from understanding poetic language & poems?

Sometimes a poetic allusion can be obscure or not be as accessible from culture to culture.  This may be related to limited exposure through education, or background.  Some professors in colleges and universities may go off and do their own thing, or pluck out some obscure works that they have preferences for, and neglect teaching what was once considered “classical literature.”  I have even seen academic pedagogues put modernistic or political spins on the teaching of literature that had no connection to their revisionist ideas and had no ideological equivalency when the works were originally written.

Because of the modge-podge approach to teaching, literary graduates of our modern universities may receive a diploma and be sent off into the world to teach lit, having no understanding of classical works or authors’ influences or cultural views, because they do what their teacher did…they live in their own head and see the world only through their narrow “educated” view, rather than honestly.

Some people may have difficulty with metaphors or similes and become frustrated by them and view poetic approaches as a reminder of their own failings and reject what they fail to understand or appreciate.

Some people are very right-brained, and some are left-brained and their preferences do not allow much tolerance for the other side.

Some who like a rhythmic pulse in their music preferences may have difficulty with poetic forms that don’t tend to have a clearly defined tempo or meter.

Some may love haiku.

Some may love the A-B-B-A vibe.

Some may love ballads or heroic verses.

Some may hate epics like Beowulf because they had trouble getting the Middle English and variant spellings when they were first exposed to them.

Some may just be in the mood to hear something light-hearted and sing-song, while others want something that connects with a more somber mood they may be in.

Some may think poetry can be silly, and others think it is inspiring and memorable.

People react to it in different ways for so many reasons and may respond or not respond to it, depending on what they a dealing with or struggling with on any given day.

My short answer is…don’t sweat it.  Those who need to hear it will find their way to it, so continue to do what you do.

If God planted the desire and the expression within you, trust Him to be The Lord of that Harvest.

Follow His gifting where it leads you.  Don’t overthink its value by counting who may or may not respond to it.  If God put poetry in your heart His reasoning for doing so should be enough.  Trust Him and let it flow as an expression of gratitude to The One who gifted you.

God Bless!

Brian Stansell (aka O'Brian of the Surface World)
I was born in war.
Fighting from my first breath.

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