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Emma Walker


Dude same I haven’t been on here in a while.


1) Name: Annalee Sylbard

Her name is Tierza, not sure about her last name, I like the one you guessed.


2) Age: I’d guess 9 to 11, somewhere round there

Yeah, somewhere in there.


3) Career/Role in Story: side character, either the MC’s lil sibling or the kid they stumble upon and unofficially adopt

It depends, right now she’s just a side character, but her own story might develop in the future.


4) Personality: Sweet and playful, tends to be quiet but has a lick of mischief in her

I agree lol


5) Would you be friends with that character?: She seems like a sweet girl, so yes

Me too.


6) Any other details you may have gotten from the picture: With the instrument, she either has musical training or knows someone who does, perhaps she’s part of a roving band of minstrels…

Yeah, she plays the drehleier, aka the hurdy gurdy, which is the most awesome musical instrument ever and I love it so much.

The entire kingdom she lives in is musical. I call it the kingdom of music and art. It’s really special because they have a school of the arts, and that’s most likely where she lives is at the school. Idk exactly yet.

(It won’t let me give it in a whole post)

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