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Aydin is my favorite XD Oh no!!! That is seriously sad, but I think it’s interesting the way you portray their two different reactions to it. I think I would probably be reacting like  Liorah – in terms of just plain panicking. *sigh* Poor girl!!  So if you had to choose, which one is the worse case?

Hmm… I don’t think I can categorize either as ‘worse’. They’re really different.

Liorah’s is more recent and raw, and she’s constantly confronted with the aftermath of the traumatic situation.

Aydin’s happened several years ago, but his was less of one event and more an extended period of trauma at a young age, so it really shaped his personality and coping mechanisms. He spent a while after it being relatively without support and just trying to cope by himself, which didn’t go great.

Their reactions are also based on that. Both of their traumas were based on helplessness and guilt, and they had opposite reactions to it. Liorah becomes even more independent and focused on competence, whereas Aydin avoids conflict and situations where he could potentially make the wrong choice.

They both have different but overlapping symptoms. Liorah gets even more defiant and aggressive, whereas Aydin has near-constant anxiety and depression, though I don’t know if he’s even aware of it, it’s more of a baseline for him.

Also, I might pick your brain for ideas when I start writing Maddock – my poor traumatized PTSD boy!!!

I’ll be happy to tell you what I know, which obviously isn’t a replacement for actual research, and I’m no expert XD I’ve done my best to do right by my characters, and neither use it for shock value nor make light of it. It was honestly tough and pretty emotionally taxing to write, but I think it makes the story better!

He does!! Okay, so he probably wouldn’t really like me hugging him, he’d be annoyed I think, but he’s put up with it. Unless he’s super scared – like now – and then, yeah, I can hug him all I want. Yeah, I get that. IRL that would be me sometimes too XD So when he gets like that, I go hug Verity or Trevyn – two charries who don’t mind my huggingabilitiess XD

LOLL which character of yours would give the best hugs?

*swoons* DO YOU KNOW WHAT I WOULD GIVE TO HAVE A BRITISH ACCENT?! Well, actually, I don’t know either, but I’d love to have one lol. Seriously, I bet you have a cool accent though! I’m pretty sure I don’t. Except that I say y’all. Maybe if I moved somewhere else, people would think I did? XD

Lollll I genuinely don’t quite get how Americans are so obsessed with British accents, I find it highly amusing XD Oh, I say y’all all too often, along with like region-specific things from SO many places XD

I have a hard time stopping in the middle of books – so I just skip to the end XD Allegiant? Never read it, never even heard of it… guess I won’t put that one on my TBR list lol What did you hear about the ending?!

Oh it’s the third book of the Divergent trilogy! Well… the main character is killed off in the end for no particular reason besides shock value. Nobody liked that ending XD

(this is what I have to deal with when I work with Payton XD)

Sounds all too familiar, most of my interactions with Liorah are grabbing her by the collar like you’d grab a kitten by its neck and just scooping her off the ground, away from whatever dumb thing she was about to do XD

Yay!! I see you!! Awww those boards are so cool!! He he, I can’t do regular moodboards b/c I don’t have the app/program thing so I just make a bunch of Pinterest boards. I’m just plain sydneywitbeck on there by the way 😉

I found you! Oh that’s super cool! I do that too all the time, it helps to just collect everything together XD

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