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Ummm girl you NEED TO!! XD (If you join, my username is @queen_of_alvastia and by nickname is Queenie )

Epic, I’m working on it! I sent in the request, now I’m just waiting for them to get around to it!

There’s actually several PTSD charries in the castle I’m in XD By the way, have you ever noticed, it’s like authors are roughest on the characters they love the most?! XD

Oh YES! I mean, Liorah and Aydin are like my favorites and they’re both supremely messed up XD They actually both have PTSD too, though from two different events, and it shows up rather differently in both of them.

Liorah develops it during the runtime of the books, but Aydin has had it for years. It’s both sad and darkly funny the contrast between how they deal with it. Liorah is panicking and going through the full spectrum of negative emotions once a day and Aydin is just “Same mess as always” and carries on 😭 Poor guys…

Yup, he is….. Excuse me while I leave for a minute… *goes to hug Payton* *I’m SO SORRY buddy!* Okay, I’m back now. Oh no poor Aydin!! *hugs him too* Now I want to know!! *glares at you* *changes tactics*


Poor Payton, he deserves all the hugs! So does Aydin, but he doesn’t like them XD Depending on the day he’d squirm in supreme discomfort or if he’s feeling bad enough just detach himself from the person and try to keep them at arm’s length. He only does touching on his terms XD Which.. I mean, completely justified, I get it.

And nope, not telling XD Even if you can’t put together the major spoiler, there’s always someone watching on SE and I’m not telling such a big spoiler XD

*squeals* *bounces up and down* That is SO COOL! I have just lived my whole life in the US so I think that’s seriously amazing! Just for fun, (and ’cause I’m a curious person! ) what was the hardest thing about learning English?

Hmmm… I don’t really remember XD For perspective, I didn’t actually *learn* English or Dutch through any conscious effort. I was really young and I had a bunch of English-speaking friends, so it was the only way to communicate XD Also my parents are fluent in English and read to us in it for as long as I can remember, so we just kind of picked it up! Lol, I remember when I was trying to talk to my friends and I didn’t know a word so it was a matter of pantomime, attempting something that might be the word, and finally giving up and finding a parent to translate XD Pretty much the same thing applied to Dutch!

This pattern of learning it via movies, parents, books, and friends from all different countries does still give me a somewhat whacky accent at times XD I’ve been told I sound ‘posh’ and ‘British’ or ‘like I belong in Downtown Abbey’ but occasionally a word slips in a VERY American, Australian, or Kiwi accent XD It’s extremely funny, whenever I meet someone for the first time they’re briefly confused and bewildered by it XD

YES!! Oh and then I forgot D) e-mail the author and be like WRITE A NEW ENDING!! NOW!! oh no I would never do that XD I’ve never actually read a book like this that I can think of…or maybe I did, but I never finished it XD

LOL same, when I can see where it’s going and I don’t like it I might just… stop. XD OH WAIT I THOUGHT OF ONE. Allegiant. Enough said XD Again, didn’t finish it, but heard about the ending, and that was enough.

Please tell me no one votes Liorah’s brother off the throne!!! Or I will go find him and recrown him X

Don’t worry, he’s an excellent king and universally liked XD

 love that little caveat about the duel….XD *wonders what would happed if I transported some of my charries into your world just for fun* And I’d be “CHALLENGE HIM TO A DUEL! and I’m leaving you there until you win!!” XD Don’t worry it was just a thought, I didn’t say I would actually do it….

LOlll that’s so fun! Unfortunately, they would just instantly die XD The current king of that tribe is the main antagonist XD

By the way, do you have a Pinterest account? I have some boards for my charries and I like going around and looking at other people’s XD

I am! My account name is @roseeverdeen123 ! I LOVE mood boards too, I have some for all my characters!

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