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Sydney Witbeck


Oh cool! I’m not, but I’ve been planning to join for… *awkward silence* several years now XD

Ummm girl you NEED TO!! XD (If you join, my username is @queen_of_alvastia and by nickname is Queenie 😉)

Oh, I totally get that, every character castle I’ve been in here has gotten very dark at some point or another! I just asked because ‘a character with PTSD’ made me think it might be a friend’s character XD I suppose there’s just quite a few of them XD

👍🏻 There’s actually several PTSD charries in the castle I’m in XD By the way, have you ever noticed, it’s like authors are roughest on the characters they love the most?! XD

Oh nooooo!! Poor guy, he must be panicking quite a lot. Ummm… saying that is kind of a huge spoiler, but let’s just say he accidentally brought it upon himself because of past actions. Doesn’t mean he deserved it, but there was a reason it happened.

Yup, he is….. Excuse me while I leave for a minute… *goes to hug Payton* *I’m SO SORRY buddy!* Okay, I’m back now. Oh no poor Aydin!! *hugs him too* Now I want to know!! *glares at you* *changes tactics*


Oh yeah, I’m fluent in both XD I’m South African, so Afrikaans was my first language, and I’ve lived in NL for most of my life. English was actually my third language, but honestly, it’s my favorite. I write pretty much exclusively in English too.

*squeals* *bounces up and down* That is SO COOL! I have just lived my whole life in the US so I think that’s seriously amazing! 😊😊 Just for fun, (and ’cause I’m a curious person! 🤭) what was the hardest thing about learning English?

Oh yessss, always both!

YES!! Oh and then I forgot D) e-mail the author and be like WRITE A NEW ENDING!! NOW!! oh no I would never do that XD I’ve never actually read a book like this that I can think of…or maybe I did, but I never finished it XD

Yes! Though, both monarchies have… ‘catches’ The Lehabim monarchy (theirs) also has a set of Elders, who can overrule the king if they’re in majority, and even vote him off the throne if necessary. The other monarchy has a funky ascension system, where if you defeat the ruling king in a duel, you become king. It’s less chaos than it looks, mostly because there are a ton of safeguards in place so random idiots don’t challenge the king to fight everyday XD A few of the other systems have rulers referred to as ‘king’ or ‘queen’, but they’re not actually monarchies in the true sense of the word, since the rulers are elected.

Please tell me no one votes Liorah’s brother off the throne!!! Or I will go find him and recrown him XD I love that little caveat about the duel….XD *wonders what would happed if I transported some of my charries into your world just for fun* And I’d be “CHALLENGE HIM TO A DUEL! and I’m leaving you there until you win!!” XD Don’t worry it was just a thought, I didn’t say I would actually do it….🙄🙄😝

By the way, do you have a Pinterest account? I have some boards for my charries and I like going around and looking at other people’s XD

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