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Blooming Grace


I know!! It’s like I actually have to TYPE out the letters XD Or just copy paste the tag XD Writing takes up all my energy 🤣🤣

Writing is such draining work. I don’t think we writers would survive without chocolate XD

Me too!! Are you ever thinking of going back? *bear hugs you back* *hands you a tissue box*

*Accepts tissues* I hope I can! If not as a birthday gift, then when I get a job. But no matter what, I SHALL FIND A WAY! 😁 XD
Do you plan to return?

Ha ha well…..I sent 2 b/c earlier my posts weren’t working here so I wasn’t sure which one you’d get! XD I think we could chat here though (b/c I’m not 100% sure where the second one went either! XD) Actually come to think of it, should we start a new topic/forum thing for our CP? So we don’t have to scroll through all the replies… (because my intro post is still active lol) XD

Yeah, maybe start a new thing. We might drive the other people on here crazy XD
My intro post is a little less active, so we could maybe use that… *nods in agreement to the whole thing of scrolling through everything* XD

A long-hidden tale may hold the answers-and the healing-they so desperately seek.
~Set the Stars Alight

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