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Sydney Witbeck

@storysmith figured out how to outwit whatever is glitching this post! (copy pasted from my email XD I guess I am smarter than a computer after all XD JK)

Wait, you were the one who came up with that name? Did I read that right? Well BRAVO!! (yeah, I blame Tolkien for the fact that Medieval fantasy is all I write XD) Aaww little kids are so CUTE!! I want to hug them all!!

Indeed I did! XD A fine and proud name it tis! My other favorite name is “Valdunar” who is her adoptive father, mentor, guardian, lord of knights, and general. He was once her father’s greatest rival and a great friend. He was blessed by her dying father to raise her and her siblings as he would have his own late daughters. It first he is reminded of his grief at the loss of his beautiful wife and 2 daughters but soon saw how much they would have been overjoyed to take these kids as his family. He eventually sees these new adopted kids as God’s blessing at a 2nd chance at carrying on the dream he shared with his late wife to raise and build a home of peace and comfort from which he could watch the future generations flourish within.

Sylvendra and her people softest spot is for children no matter the race as they are the life blood that spur on the times of peace or the pursuit of it. They all dream of a time and place where children can run freely without armed guards or powerful guardian beasts to watch over them and especially to hear them laugh and play without fear of shy voices and nervous darting eyes.

Oh you have no idea what you just unleashed…the questions writers can come up….*ha ha* Yay! Okay, Sylvie, I’m not a soldier – and hope I never am…. You have my hugs any time you need them!! XD I bet! XD Cool!! Ummm so – does she get a king at the very end *wink wink* Sorry I had to ask that!!

*Crouches into readied dueling stance, armed with notes and fountain pen with a cool calculated smile* Bring it on! XD

Excellent question, I am honestly not sure yet and still debating on her outcome. I thought of giving her a love story but an unlikely tale and a possibly impossible and sad dream as the man that earns her heart is an arch enemy. He is daring, strong, courageous, he fights a war with her because he has no choice but to fight for his liege lord who is evil and corrupt. His true allegiance is to his people as he fights for them who will pay the price if he fails. However, he also hopes and prays she will see through to his heart how to win him and his unfailing honor as they exchange blow for blow. He needs her to free his people to earn theirs and especially his eternal devotion, gratitude, admiration, and……love. *wink wink* XD

Currently, I am not sure if she will have a king in the end if this mentioned character does what I know what he will do for his people and consequences that might follow if he disobeys his liege lord. My current thought is that she might in a way be alone in the end as her love for one will be sacrificed for the love of all as she would give her eternal devotion to her people. By the end when she is queen, she has been through and seen so much with a trail covered in tears, blood, ruin, and scars. She might have sealed her heart away for the man who earned and won her heart but at a cost. She might adopt some children who may not share her blood but her heart and also the hearts of the greatest people who helped make her who she is today. These children will one day take up their swords and continue on the vigilant watch for danger as it is her family’s legacy to be the shield to all. Any suggestions or ideas? I have never done romance in a story before but I sadly know the plot to almost every hallmark movie (………thanks Mom!) *nearly fell off my chair laughing* XD XD

XD Yeah, I kind of got some of those vibes lol *cracks up* Oh man, do you have this scene written out yet? Oh yes, it can! Trust me, I have to work with Payton and keep him from pushing Nathan too far…Not like he ever listens. But I did just make him blind and he’s so scared and now all his scenes are making me cry!

Unfortunately, I have not reached those scenes yet but hope to make them the most unexpected hilarious scenes. I keep picturing the old cartoon sound visual effects when a fight is happening out of picture that sometimes have dying from laughter.

Aww poor guy! I am currently trying to figure out how to navigate with a character who becomes blind and is devastated by their loss but my world has some unique ways to see things than just with the eyes. It will be a hard and sad journey till they discover this only the beginning for what God has in store for them. The first step they must make is to find satisfaction where God has placed them knowing that He always knows what is best. Then other doors might open…….

Lol I would love to see how he pushes Nathan’s buttons and the following consequences are.

I love spoilers!! People give me alerts and I’m like OH NO I SHOULD SKIP THIS and then I go read them anyway…. Now I’m intrigued…. You should! Just as an fyi, I’m not 100% on board with all of Peretti’s theology, but I really enjoy his duology. Its main focus is on spiritual warfare – and I love that aspect. (The second book is more intense than the first, but nothing beyond the bounds of what you find in Scripture and good is always shown as good and the bad is always bad.) The angels…okay, I’ll stop b/c I could just start ranting on these books….

Ok ummmmm…… so one more spoiler is that her adoptive father “Valdunar” and her mother (she is the fairest lady of the realm as her outward but also inward beauty was legendary) used to have a crush on each other before life circumstances tore them apart to go their separate ways in their younger days. This might be their 2nd chance to see if it is God’s will for them to try again as the current circumstances currently make it kinda unavoidable with Valdunar already made the fully fledged adoptive father when they find her. I think it would be overwhelming odds for her to see her children happy and safe in the care of her long lost first love.

Oh, that’s tricky. But in the Bible, we have terrible scenes of evil/dark and then the light always overcomes! (CALVARY!!) Oh yeah, I love seeing the bad guys get what was coming to them the whole time! *cracks knuckles and glares at my villains* SORREN AND OWAIN I AM TAKING YOU DOWN!! Especially you Sorren….

True! and Amen to that! Sylvendra and her close friend, the talking Clydesdale sized giant black panther “Braeyun the Black” will be the vengeance of the innocent! Evil shall quake and scatter at the thunder of their roar as the pair of black and white descend upon their foes and rally innocent and righteous to their banner!

Oooof. That is hard. But I mean, I really think it reminds me of how Jesus took our punishment. And how His followers are called to show sacrificial love towards each other. I think that will really cement her army’s loyalty. If I was a soldier there – well, one I would be crying my eyes out. Umm actually I’d probably have passed out at the start but anyway – I would be like, there is a leader I would follow to the end of the world and beyond. If there are any doubters in her army, b/c she’s a princess not a man, I think this would be the one thing that would make them stop dead in their tracks and turn their complete loyalty over to her. Also, one thing I would add is that the man who is DOING the whipping/punishment, maybe have some kind of scene where he’s questioning her if she really wants to do this. But he can’t stop her. Power puncher scene!! And all your resders are going to be crying too…

Good! I honestly feel better about it that you see its importance and theme too. Plus it should have its desired effect. XD

I agree it would be an ideal motivator to prove to all how good of a leader they have in the making, who has possibly endured more than they as most grown adults have and yet she continues to fight on and thrive. As for the unfortunate soldier tasked with the task of punishment, I felt he would be the most dumbfounded and horrified at the fact he is about to punish his beloved leader who sheds her innocent blood for the sake of his comrade. I pictured him fidgeting with the rope wishing he could rip it apart but also knows his duty. Worst yet his son has a crush on the princess and her daughter see her as her role model. Kind of a horrible spot to get out of. He hears the ding of his commander roaring at him to begin but it is a dull sound as his mind and heart threaten to tear apart in his horror and guilt. Then all is calm and clear as he gazes into her vibrant and soft glowing eyes and sees her rare gentle look of not just wise and strong leader but of love and kindness. She then addresses him with a firm but low gentle voice that rings in his ears to please begin and has nothing to fear. His mind then goes numb…. just does what he was told to do as he is horrified by the silence of not just the crowd but as no sound comes from her except the contact of the whip as it leaves new marks on top of the countless old scars. Once it is done, he flings the whip into a large brazier like it is vile serpent and falls upon his knees staring at his reddened hands and the blood stained ground. He feels the surge of bodies mill about him as they quickly cover the princess’s wounds with ointment and bandages and throw cloaks about her before they carry her back to tent.

He feels alone and reviled for his action even though she told him to do it. He still wonders would his children still accept and love him after what he has done to their hero. Then his all fears and doubts begin to die as warm and kind gentle hands grip his face as he feels the princess’s kiss of forgiveness and selfless love upon his brow. As his mind clears and begins to focus, he feels his family fling their arms around him as they all begin to sob in one united waterfall. They constantly assure each other that everything will be alright and they love him for doing what he knew was right as princess proved to all, he is a good man who loves what is right for his hesitance to strike the innocent. They all fear being shunned by their community if they fail to understand that he only did the deed because the princess asked him to. He then comes alert as his commander’s immensely strong but kind hand grips his shoulder. He assures him that he has nothing to fear for if anyone holds this against him, they shall not receive any mercy from the princess as she has marked him with her forgiveness and gratitude for helping her do the right thing. He and other fellow soldiers tenderly help the sobbing family to their feet and walk them to a quiet place where they can be alone till the princess can see them. On their way, the path is lined with beasts and people who all bow the their heads in respect and sympathy. It will take me a while to get through this scene when I fully write it out as you said it is a powerful one and could summon a waterfall or two. lol XD

I hope that makes sense. Any thoughts?

I have a question for you. In my next book, the MC’s brother is going to die, and I have never killed a charrie before. Much less a charrie’s sibling. This isn’t going to be until the very end and I haven’t even started writing the book but I need some help with how to handle that scene….

Sure! I would be glad to help however I can! I have learned we should refrain from killing off our characters without proper buildup of reasons of why they must die which has halted most of my plans to kill off my characters as it is overly used tool to make other characters grow. I prefer to think of how it would endear the character’s testimony/legacy in the hearts of all if it is their time to go. If the character has not been given enough time to grow as a character and show who they are to the reader, then it is probably not time to kill them yet. But there are some characters who always get themselves in bad situations and it might eventually be time for them to find themselves in a situation of no realistic point of return.

Death is huge fundamental factor as to why my characters fight till there is no one bad left to fight in a war torn world. They are sick and broken from the constant moments of witnessing the deaths of the innocent especially of helpless women and children no matter the race. A good death scene gets me every time when it makes me remember how the character lived not died. The worst and best death scenes for me are the moments of selfless sacrifice when one person lays their life down as that another might live just has Christ set the example through his death that it is the greatest act of love one can bestow upon another. It definitely gets me in those scenes when there are those reminders and flashbacks as they die that make perfect sense of why they made the choice simply because that is who they were.

Here is a link to a great article to consider if you are still wondering if you should kill off the brother, https://storyembers.org/3-reasons-you-shouldnt-kill-your-characters/

I recommend reading the comment section of my comment and the article writer Martin Detwiler’s response. It has some awesome points to consider when choosing to kill off your character if it is your best meaningful option for your story.

I hope that makes sense and helps! Does the brother accidentally get caught in a situation he was not able to get out of, a fight, or accident?

I do the same thing! I feel like music really helps me write.

What genre of music do you find helps you the most? Any specific soundtracks or songs?

Oh thank you! So the reason he stays in Alvastia is because he’s pretty much turned his back on his entire old life – and that includes the North and all it stands for. Nathan used to be a Northerner, heart and soul. He was wholeheartedly fighting against the Alvastians in the war. He was hardened clear through to his bones and would have done anything to win the battle against the Alvastians. It’s only after the battle when he comes to see how wrong he was. It breaks him and heals him at the same time, and his life is a complete 180 degree turn around. Hope that makes sense! Sorry if it was confusing!

That’s a really cool turn around! It would take some serious shots to the heart to make a hardened soldier change his pov of what he believes as right and wrong. As they say the truth hurts but will also set you free.

Ha ha – it’s been a rough ride with the two of them for sure. Leaving Payton and Nathan together is like leaving a match next to a barrel of gunpowder – an explosion waiting to happen! And it usually does happen. XD A LOT!! XD So, Nathan helps train some of the young Alvastian boys who want to be soldiers – and that is Payton’s goal in life (he’s got all the makings of a soldier too lol) So that’s how they meet – and clash. B/c Nathan is an amazing trainer, Payton’s his best pupil – and they NEVER SEE EYE TO EYE!! (Until Nathan *small spoiler alert* saves Payton from burning barn)

Ah interesting….. I can easily picture some likely awesome and hilarious scenes of Nathan being a drill sergeant lol XD”

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