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R.M. Archer

I’ve been meaning to comment on this for weeks and I’m finally getting around to it. XD My WIP has two main villains: Erdiana Class and Tamerin Lance. (And then a really big bad above them, but he doesn’t really come into play until the end of book one.)

Erdiana runs the science division of the mega-corporation Grantech. She’s very smart, very precise, and prefers for everything to be perfect. Which is why she’s so keen on her genetic advancement projects, because she wants to purge the imperfections from mankind and create a superior race of genetically advanced superhumans. Of course… the experiments aren’t perfect, either, but she’s still trying to figure out how to make everything work perfectly and create this imaginary, “more highly evolved” race.

Tamerin heads up the security/law enforcement division of Grantech. He likes seeing how far he can push people. He’s really a scientist, too, in a way; he likes to experiment just as much as Erdiana does, but for the sake of testing people and discovering how they tick rather than discovering new technology or ways to improve people. He wants to discover what’s already there more than to imagine what could be–though he’ll also use his knowledge of behavior to his own ends. He really gets on everyone’s nerves–including Erdiana’s–because he’s constantly manipulating them and pushing them to see how they’ll react. Getting to use Erdiana’s technology for his own supersoldiers fits right into his interests, because it gives him an ideal view on how people react both physically and emotionally to the experiments and genetic alterations and they’re the most effective for the security tasks he’s given to handle–and other force-based tasks for Grantech.

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