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Sydney Witbeck

It was good, thank you! I had a lot of fun!

Good!! 😊😊

LOLL, that’s so fun! What Character Castle are you in? I might know the characters!

So it’s a Character Castle in Kingdom Pen? Are you on there? I’m not on any of the Character Castles on here b/c some of the topics – well, I have different views on some of the stuff.

Awwww poor guy!! I hope he’s okay! Are you going to let him stay blind? Aydin also freaked out more than a bit when he couldn’t use his right hand anymore and realized it wasn’t going to go away, like ever. He got over it okay though! Eventually XD

Yeah, it’s only temporary and came on due to trauma. (Which can actually happen) But he doesn’t know that and neither does anyone else… POOR AYDIN!! What happened to him?!

Mostly Dutch, but occasionally it happens in Afrikaans too! I read more in Dutch, so I think that’s why it happens, even though Afrikaans is my mother tongue.

OH MY GOODNESS THAT’S SO COOL!! You can read in Dutch AND you can speak Afrikaans? COOL!!!! AAAAH!!!

Exactly!! It’s something I’m really happy with! Yesss, he deserves a happy ending XD I hate when characters suffer for a whole book and then end up having a meaningless ending. They’ve fought and suffered and worked for something better, not giving it to them is cruel. I love when they actually get something in exchange for what they’ve done.

IKR? At that point, I would either a) throw the book at the wall b)write my own ending C) DO BOTH!! Hmmm C is the most likely XD Yes they must!

Yes! There are seven, and six of them feature prominently in the story! Each of them has its own set of rulers and different methods of rule! I think there are only like two monarchies and one of them doesn’t even completely qualify XD

Interesting!! So Liorah’s brother is in charge of the ‘legit’ monarchy right?

Oh that’s epic! That’s an awesome reason, and I love that!

Thank you! <3 <3

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