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How was your vacation?

It was good, thank you! I had a lot of fun!

It’s been *cough cough* interesting. And by that I mean, Sorren and Payton got in a fight. Sorren almost chokes Payton. Sorren later threatens another charrie who has PTSD; the guy’s brother comes after Sorren and knocks him out. And then there the whole “Who wants to just leave this guys behind and who believes in showing love to your enemies” debate. Nothing like a good conflict to bring out the most interesting and emotional sides of our charries….

LOLL, that’s so fun! What Character Castle are you in? I might know the characters!

I don’t mind your rambles at all! XD I never considered having negative & positive development….but Leiorah sounds like she’s come a long way!

Thank you! I actually love writing negative development, especially since it’s a bit inevitable XD

Payton’s….getting there. I think? Hopefully. I just blinded him as part of his development and he’s kind of freaking out scared right now…

Awwww poor guy!! I hope he’s okay! Are you going to let him stay blind? Aydin also freaked out more than a bit when he couldn’t use his right hand anymore and realized it wasn’t going to go away, like ever. He got over it okay though! Eventually XD

XDXD It’s called a Writer’s Mood. (If you want the official name lol) That’s so funny! I’d do that if I knew words in another language that weren’t Hello or Goodbye XD What other languages do you do that in? XDXD

Mostly Dutch, but occasionally it happens in Afrikaans too! I read more in Dutch, so I think that’s why it happens, even though Afrikaans is my mother tongue.

IKR!?!? We do that so that no matter where we are if an idea hits, there’s a spot to jot it down. lol That’s great! I love it!

Exactly! XD

*snorts* *sorry* *dies laughing* PIGEONS?!?! XDXD

I KNOW I have NO idea where it came from XD

Now I have to say, I just LOVE that about the fighting/value of life. Every life counts before God b/c we’re all in His Image, but the culture has definitely lost that.  I know what you mean. I kept the religion in my book Christianity. I might change that in another book, but that’s if it’s an allegory not just a fantasy novel. The Judiasm symbolism is neat! And AYDIN!! MY FAVORITE!! HAPPY ENDING!! *hugs him*

Exactly!! It’s something I’m really happy with! Yesss, he deserves a happy ending XD I hate when characters suffer for a whole book and then end up having a meaningless ending. They’ve fought and suffered and worked for something better, not giving it to them is cruel. I love when they actually get something in exchange for what they’ve done.

So there are different tribes in your book? Are there separate rulers for each one?

Yes! There are seven, and six of them feature prominently in the story! Each of them has its own set of rulers and different methods of rule! I think there are only like two monarchies and one of them doesn’t even completely qualify XD

I think my faith has mostly influenced my writing in the fact that my whole purpose behind writing is that I want to have fiction that can be adventurous and also God-honoring.

Oh that’s epic! That’s an awesome reason, and I love that!

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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