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Joshua Scheele


Yes!! I LOVE IT TOO! I found it in Psalm 111:7 “The works of his hands are verity and judgment; all his commandments are sure.” and I loved it!!

Ah, I knew that word came from Psalms but could not remember where

You’re so welcome! Honestly you gave me chills too…. Is most of your climate/world winter/tundra? Seriously, all this detail is just 😲😊🤩🤗!!! *still working on getting my brain to think detail like that* Right now though, I’m just trying to work on how to plan the escape of two slaves…. 🙄🙄

but definitely an awesome verse.

Thanks! I blame Tolkien…. lol XD

Ha ha! Yes you must! Because I have to know how it all works out, okay? XD

*salute* Aye aye! Your wish is my command! XD

Oh!!! Where did you find that name? It’s so pretty. And Sylvie….aaaw! How many siblings does she have?

I have a deep fascination and somewhat obligation to create my own original names when it comes to fantasy stories (again I blame Tolkien lol XD). I went through 6-8 name variations before I landed with Sylvendra. I was thinking of giving her 5 surviving blood related siblings 1 toddler girl of 1.5 yrs, 1 boy 3 yrs, 1 boy 5yrs, and 1 set of twin sisters 7 yrs. She also has adopted siblings who referred to as wards of her house but raised alongside her. I have around 8 wards of 3 boys and 5 girls.

*hugs Sylvie* I can call her that too right? Yes that is just what courage means! Sylvendra sounds like a wonderful MC!! How many years of her life does the book span? (if you have that planned…. XD Sorry if I like the hard questions….XD)

No please do ask away. 🙂 I like hard questions as it challenges me to ponder deeper into details I might not have thought of. Yes! as long as you don’t serve in her infamous battalion, you may call her Sylvie and she needs unlimited hugs as there are lonely and harsh times ahead. XD She can be a right ole terror of a drill sergeant if she catches her troops getting too personal with her or cheeking her. XD

I hope to capture around a third of her life where she becomes queen with the happiest ending the story can allow by the end of the series. I will probably cover 3-4 years in the first book.

SYLVENDRA!!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! But I know how she feels….the fairy tale princess of “china, look don’t touch or I’ll break” drives me so crazy. It just AGH!! *rolls eyes in total annoyance* Oh my goodness that is HYSTERICAL!! XD She just has no idea what the army of maidens is planning… *wink*

Yep she has the desired affect. XD

She reminds me of “Mulan” in some ways lol

Judging by the ding of pure pandemonium…..you would think they are trying to murder her if you stood on the other side of the heavily locked and barred door. I could see the maidens wearing something close to football gear, carrying heavy nets, padded shields, and padded hooked poles to pin her down…. It can be a dangerous job to keep your powerful rebellious teen MC clean and civil. XD

So she’s an orphan!?! 😪😪 (I have a little boy character who is going to be in my allegory and he grew up a slave….so he has a phobia of blood too) Aaaw! Poor girl!! This is totally random, but my brain, I’m sorry: When you mentioned demons, have you ever read This Present Darkness & Piercing the Darkness by Frank Peretti?

Yes and no…… sooo spoiler alert….. her mother is not dead but everyone thinks she is for a while. Some big and shocking things will be revealed when her mother is found.

No I have not read that book yet or heard of it till now. It definitely seems interesting.

I think so! I think you already have a really good character/personality worked out for her. What has been the hardest part of writing her? (I know. The hard questions again. *sigh* You may ask me any hard ones too I suppose so…. Call it even?) I love it when people show heroes realistically – meaning they’re not perfect, they can be pretty broken on the inside while they try to be strong to the ones they love and those they protect. Okay! I really like here how she is, but, hey, if I think of anything, I will send it your way.

Lol ok deal XD Excellent hard question……. I have a hard time getting myself in the right proper motivation to write dark and hopeless scenes especially when it involves throwing children into hardship. I want my reader to feel and join me in the hatefulness of how this is wrong and should never be like this in reality. However I want them to unleash those emotions with me when we find those responsible for their suffering..*rubbing and knocking your fists together with a satisfactory grin as you corner the culprit*.

One part I hate about Sylvendra is that she forces me to write these scenes because she is compelled to take on the hardships of others and constantly puts herself near death’s door as a small young girl as shield against the darkness that threatens to destroy everyone she loves. Again spoilers…… For example she takes the flogging sentence on a soldier’s behalf who is under her command because he disobeyed orders and put one of her best friends in dire harm and got others killed. She does it partially because it was her fault that she put him at that post. She is also convicted to teach him a lesson that will possibly save lives in future to see how selfish actions will harm and possibly kill those around you that you care about. Plus she knows her best friend really likes him and would wound her friend further to see him badly hurt. Her friend would not take it kindly either to see Sylvendra hurt either but also knows this is not the first time she has taken a beating or whipping as she was there with her as a slave for several long….. agonizing days. Just a hint…. Sylvendra made sure the slavers whipped/beat her and only her… it is by God’s grace that she is not maimed or dead. So she forces him to watch her take his punishment, to shed her blood for his mistake. Those who do not know her, will see her as foolish and reckless to do such a thing but she is treasured and endeared by her soldiers and citizens. It would speak a volume of massive magnitude that essentially says “I will always be on the frontlines for you and will lay down my life for you, however this is my fate as well and also yours if we all don’t do our best for the good of all.” She has to actually order the soldiers to do the punishment as they stare dumbly with eyes and faces aghast and horror at the countless scars that already mar her exposed back and shoulders. She then has to quickly order everyone to stand their ground, to not interfere, and to not take part in her punishment otherwise they would all freely offer themselves in her place. This is will probably be one of my hardest scenes as all of her people stand tall with reddened and glistening eyes as they force themselves to burn this scene into their minds of the pain, anguish, and blood that will befall their own loved ones if they fail to do what they know is right. Any thoughts?

I often have to listen a playlist of solemn and sad music/soundtracks that would help me bring out the right emotions in this kind of scene otherwise I tend to be light and get them over with.

*clears throat* Okay. So I am kind of starting to have two MCs. NOT what I originally planned but I’m going to go with it. So the first one, the one I started with is an ex-Northern Soldier. (The North is basically the enemy of my other kingdom, Alvastia) His name is Nathan. He has *hang on while I try to locate his profile* *okay I’m back* He has ebony black hair and dark, dark brown eyes. He is an amazing soldier, he’s strong and loyal and brave. (He also has this gorgeous one-man horse. Dapple grey stallion with black mane and tail named Falcon) In my last book, there was a battle at the end between the Alvastians and the Northerners. The Alvastians won. And instead of killing or enslaving all the enemies, they showed them mercy and let them return home, demoralized after the death of their leader. One of these enemy soldiers, Nathan (😊😊😊😊) saw one of the good soldiers taking care of an injured Northerner. It just struck straight to his heart. And he wondered why would they do that…. long story short: God uses it to save him, he stays in Alvastia instead of going to the North. Not a lot of the Alvastians want to trust him. He learns to build walls around his heart. He can come off as “stand-offish” but honestly he’s afraid that he will be hurt again by the suspicion and doubt he reads in other people’s eyes.

Wow! I am already loving this setting , theme, and plot, very rich! It sets up nicely for God to use mercy and kindness. Is his reason for staying because of the good morals of Alvastian culture and how those compare to his own culture? Does he think that this war was wrong for his people to wage war on those who are kind even to invaders and had no right do so?

Payton. Oh my goodness. Payton. He’s my other MC. My “never listens to the author” character, the “do it anyway, and risk the consequences” person… *sigh* How to describe….. Okay so he’s younger than Nathan. He’s blond and has emerald green eyes which can get very sarcastic at times. *sigh again* He resents Nathan’s authority because he still sees him as the “enemy.” But behind his stubborn and sometimes exasperating exterior, Payton has a heart that is desperately afraid of failing expectations. All his life he feels has to prove himself, like life is a fight to make sure you stay the person you believe everyone expects him to be. He would do pretty much anything to make his father proud. As you may expect, any interactions between these two are….ummm….strained to say the least. It gets pretty interesting at times. VERY INTERESTING. But there’s a great redemption scene at the end where Nathan shows Payton that he doesn’t have to “earn favor” I am on the edge of my seat waiting to write that scene! XD

Yes! This sounds like my favorite kind of duo combination of characters. I could see comical heated discussions between the two. XD lol How does Nathan get paired up with Payton?

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