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Nope….especially because I just decided to throw his mortal enemy, Sorren(Okay fine, his “Antagonist”) into the mix.

Oh that’s a delight you sure are challenging him XD Trapping the villains and heroes together is always highly entertaining though somewhat murdery XD We used to have a castle for all the villains together and let me tell you, that ended exactly as you expected.

I had one of my villains in there, an assassin. She ended up stabbing someone and getting her shoulder dislocated in a fight, but not before she got chased and bitten by a goose. Sometimes you just have to make fun of your villains a tiny bit XD

Only one explosion…. that sounds so matter-of-fact XD

Liorah will have you know it was Aydin’s fault. For once she’s not lying XD

Great job Ferran!! Keep her on track!!! (If you can and at your own risk…. XD) I know, I make fun of my characters a lot! Does she change at the end?

Well… yes and no. I never like when characters develop so much that they lose all their fun flaws, so I left Liorah’s ‘thirst for chaos’ side pretty much untouched. However, she matured a lot and got better at using her powers for good instead of personal amusement XD I mean… usually.

Her development goes in all kinds of directions, she’s often developing positively in one aspect and negatively in another. For example, she learns important lessons in book 1 but she also comes out of it way more traumatized, bitter, and vengeful, and in the process of developing out of the bitterness in book 2, she gets issues with perfectionism and pressure, so her development fuels her flaws. It’s incredibly fun XD

Besides that, there’s the inevitable power crawl that comes with character development. It’s interesting because book 3 Liorah is definitely scarier than book 1 Liorah, but she’s also way more aware of the consequences, so I’d say she’s actually less violent. In book 1, Liorah is self-centered and does things out of fun or spite, whereas in book 3, Liorah is way more focused on the bigger picture and the greater good.

I recently went from drafting book 3 to rewriting book 1, so I had to jump from one extreme to the other, and lemme tell you, it’s absolutely noticeable. It makes me happy because it means I wrote it properly XD

There I go rambling again XD

Or this one: “Word here that is sort of like (certain adjective/word) but isn’t and I can’t remember.” And, yes, I have written that all out on more than one occasion. Or ADD A SCENE HERE!!!

Lolll, that’s such a mood XD Sometimes I’ll lose a word in English so I end up writing the synonym in a different language XD It’s even worse when I’m thinking of a phrase I can’t properly translate XD

I think the words I lose most often in English are “pendant” and “hatch” (as in the opening in a floor or roof) I have no idea why it’s those two specifically XD Also names of specific plants or birds. I never know those XD

My other writing fault is that I have at least three notebooks going…and they aren’t all sequential either. One is just scenes that I need to add in somehow later. And then when I go back and type, it can get a little confusing. Just a little….

Lolll I know that feeling XD I have a notebook, texts with writer friends, and my phone’s notes app. The notes app is always the wildest because it’s where I write down stray thoughts without context. Sometimes I’ll get back to them and have no idea what I meant XD

I once wrote one character telling another “But what did the pigeons think of the matter?” I have NO idea where this came from and less than no context. There are no pigeons mentioned anywhere else XD

I love the kind of “dual symbolism” between her and Ferran! That’s so sweet!!

Thank you! It happened accidentally but it makes me so happy!

When you finish it, I would like to read it! Do you have a major Christian theme/principle you put in?

Thank you! I can’t wait to share it with you!

Oh YES so many! I didn’t intend it to be this explicitly Christian when I started it, but it just wouldn’t stay out of the story, and now I’m really happy with it XD

Let me see… themes of forgiveness, redemption, and doing good in spite of everything are really prominent!

Besides that, I made a few plot choices specifically for moral reasons. For example, the story is centered around war, like many fantasy books, and my main characters are pretty caught up in it. In stories like that, it sometimes turns into sacrificing NPCs to make the main characters look cool, and that never sat right with me.

I make an extra effort to show the value of each life, even the unnamed enemies. After all, in another story, they might have been the main character, and they deserve that much. In the story they’re nothing, but in life, they mattered.

Besides that, I have several characters who are really aware of this. Aydin and Faye, specifically. They both have a ‘no killing’ code, for everyone. Faye even has a ‘no weapons’ and ‘no violence unless for direct self-defense’ code.

Not all my characters do, and some of them do end up in fights where they kill someone. However, I’m extra careful to show the full consequences of it, both on them and everyone else.

Besides that, most of my main characters have some kind of faith. I didn’t want to make up an alternate religion, it kind of sits wrong with me personally, and I didn’t want to explain why or how Christianity is a thing in a fantasy world, so there aren’t many details, but God is definitely present.

I put a little more work into the Lehabim religion. (The tribe Liorah and Gav are from) It’s not modern Christianity, even though it’s definitely the same God. A lot of the practices are drawn directly from the Old Testament, and none of them contradict it. It’s very similar to Old Testament Judaism. I had a lot of fun using some more obscure biblical symbolism for it!

Besides that, Aydin ends up finding faith. It’s not direct and it’s not a main arc, but it happens in the background, more as a part of the rest of his arc than a direct conversion.

How about you? How has your faith influenced your writing?

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