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Kite Ayoul

Hi, Graham, I’m new here too.  I don’t think of myself as a theater person, but looking back I have done some amateur scriptwriting with a local student group, and we had a great time at that. I think since I’m not regularly part of the theater world, it seems like not-my-genre. But honestly many of my novel drafts are fairly spare and dialog-centered on the first go, so I think in terms of temperament I sit on the fence at times.

To me I think one of the most interesting differences between novels and scripts is that the novelist gets to put the reader inside the character’s head, whereas the script writer has to communicate the character’s interior life with nothing but external words and actions.  (Obviously monologues are a crossover there.)

I definitely do spend a lot of time studying film and TV for notes on storytelling technique as well, especially with respect to plot arc, character development, and creating conflict and cliffhangers.  So I think I’m pretty interested in what you have to say :-).

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