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Sydney Witbeck


Hm, I think there was one… Oh yeah, it was the last sentence. Seriously though, I have to tell myself “it’s only going to get better. Go to sleep Now.” 😂

LOL YES!! My problem is I always have to stop at the most interesting parts…Gandalf “dies”, Pippin and Merry get captured, the battle of Pelennor fields, etc, etc. *sigh*

No wonder I stay up all night.

I’m using my phone so I can just press and hold on the “e”. I have the same question when it comes to computers😅.

Yeah I’m on a laptop so…..


😂😂 We just think about our personalities and the character’s personalities. Whichever is closest is the one we pick. It’s easier when someone else does your own. @e-n-leonard did me and I did her. We prefer that over the tests cause yeah, 😂 they don’t work.

So I’m the only one in my family that is consistently reading LOtR – as in I’ve read it more than once. So…..hmmm…..guess I’m on my own. Pfft those online tests DO NOT WORK! I am living testimony to that XD 🤣🤣

They did! (I’m guessing you haven’t seen the movie?) And they left out Tom and Lady Goldberry, and Frodo pushed Gollum into— hold on, anyone who hasn’t read/seen LOTR watching? Wouldn’t want to spoil it… *SPOILERS* 😁   -into the fire out of revenge😫 THEY LEFT OUT THE SCOURING OF THE SHIRE!! And Elrond LAUGHS PEOPLE! And they left out how Gollum almost repented. AND AND AND AND AND— there’s so much. They ruined it🤧 *shakes head sadly* Anyway… Oh, they also left out how Sam used “noodles” as a cuss word…

Nope. AND I WANT TO SO BADLY!! XD I know!! I feel so left out!!! I don’t mind getting the spoilers.

Here is what I already know:

THEY LEFT OUT GLORFINDEL!!! How dare you?! *stamps foot and glares at Peter Jackson* Ummm and put Arwen there instead!?! Seriously peoples?!

Legolas: Guys, you made him BLONDE! No one I know agrees with me on this but I am convinced he should have brown hair. So fight me. XD

They basically ruined Faramir. (WHY EVEN? He was great in the books!?!)

Oh and I’ve heard that about the Scouring of the Shire too.

Did they not finish reading ROTK or something?

No SAM!!

Seriously. Doubt. THEY READ ALL THE BOOKS!!!

(I have this feeling when I watch the movies I will be commentating the whole entire time like “hey they changed this and left out that” or “AAAWWW LOOK AT PIPPIN!!” *rewinds* “THERE HE IS AGAIN!!” Driving my family nuts…. like Sydney, if you don’t stay quiet we won’t watch the other two movies okay?

Fine. I’ll just let you imagine all the wonderful and pertinent commentary you are MISSING!! XD

From what I’ve heard the movies are kind of a “you either love or hate ’em” kind of thing. Despite all the above….I still feel I’ll love them. Just get a little annoyed with the producers XD

😂 Come on Tolkien! You should’ve known! XD I guess making it seem like Pippin died was more important. *glares* *decides that probably a bad idea since Tolkien wrote the rest of the book* *glares anyway cause he’s dead and can’t do anything about it*

I know! (I love Pip in case you haven’t figured that out. Someone sent me the CUTEST picture of him for my pfp XDXD *looks at his soulful-puppy-eyes* *swoons*) Yeah. I guess scaring all his readers and making them cry was MORE IMPORTANT!! *glares with you* Think of all the stuff probably he shared with his family about the charries that WE WILL NEVER EVER KNOW!! *sobs in disappointment*

Intriguing. I think I should implement this since he thinks microwaves are too dark… XD

Oh you totally should! It’s kind of funny. Just don’t tell Finn I was the one who told you that, ok?

I don’t have a character profile but… Finn is my annoyingly stupid MC. Ok, ok, he feels insignificant and doesn’t believe God wants to use him guess what ends up happening, hehe He’s extremely gullible which is not great it the world he’s in 😂. He also didn’t believe in fairytales. (Key word: Didn’t). He is compassionate and little does he know his friendliness is healing hearts. Here’s a conversation I had with him. I told him he was acting like a baby XD Me: You need to buck up, Finn. You act like a baby. Finn: “well, who’s fault is it I should like to know.” Me: “You are the one who acted so stupid. I didn’t make you like that.” Finn: “of course not. I forgot, you’re an angel.” Me: “yes, very good. Now, my question was are you going to have an attitude adjustment?” Finn: “you tell me.” Me: “Finn, it depends on you, not me. I mean, I could make you by torturing the living daylights out of you but—“ Finn: “you do that anyway.” Me: “hey, it’s a writers job. But I’ve given you plenty of happiness, too.” Finn: “is that supposed to make up for killing—“ Me: “I had to! You didn’t leave me any choice. Look, this is all your fault. You were the one angry about Molly liking mermaids in the first place.” Finn: “I was the one protecting her from the kids who wanted to bully her about it!” Me: “I know but.. we aren’t here to discuss that. Are you going to be a big baby for your life or grow up.” Finn: “Maple won’t let me. She wants me to always climb trees and —“ Me: “I’m don’t mean that!! Good grief, I climb trees but I don’t act like a baby.” Finn: “are you sure? I heard a rumor about you punching words because they wouldn’t do what you wanted…” Me: “I don’t do that! I just… delete them!” Finn: “mhmm…” Me: “I’m done. Are you going to grow up yourself or am I going to have to make you?” Finn: “guess we will have to see.” Me: “go away.” Finn: “now who’s being rude? I pity your position but—“ Me: *chucks pillow at him* Finn: “— I am greatly insulted and you are currently *dodges another pillow* acting rather childish. I understand there is a lot of stress *dodges a “randomly” flying knife* when it comes to writing.” Me: “you know nothing!!”   Did it end with me shoving him in a microwave? Possibly.

I AM CRACKING UP OVER HERE!!! OH MY GOODNESS I CAN SEE MYSELF DOING THAT TO PAYTON!!! He’s not that much of a baby really. He’s just plain trouble and never listens to me. XD I LOVE FINN ALREADY THOUGH!! *saves him from your microwave* *hugs him* *glares at you*

Just let me know if you need protection from your author, okay, Finn?



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