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Noah Cochran


Hey Gracie, saw my tag and figured I should drop by.

I’m currently plotting three series in my head at once right now (probably not a wise thing to do) but those antagonists aren’t developed as much, so I’ll talk about my current WIP. I love central villains, but I also love antagonists that are morally gray in that they are protagonists sometimes, and antagonists sometimes. My central antagonists come in the form of an organization known as the Dark Hand (set in medieval Europe by the way). Its symbol is a hand inscribed ink. Each finger is elongated and transforms into a tower as it ascends. The middle tower is crowned in white. Heading the Dark Hand is the Council. Each counsel member had a title bringing with it specific tasks: The Lord of the Court, The Master of the Question, The Lady of the Word, and the Master of Eviction. Each council member administers responsibilities to two or more lieutenants. Above the council is an individual known as “The Liege.” The Dark Hand’s goal is to bring about an event called the Purging.

Some of the aforementioned people I give little background on; I make their motivations purely power lust or avarice. Most of them, however, I give complex motivations. One of them lost their family to political butchery, and now seeks to cleanse the central European world. Whatever that means. :p

As for the gray characters, one act with truly good intentions in book one, but by book two, he has snaps and slaughters members of the Dark Hand indiscriminately. Another helps the protagonists much, but also manipulates them to his own ends.

What about you? What villains have you been working on?


I must say, I love what I read about Sebastien. Very intriguing.

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