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Sydney Witbeck


😂 Very true *realizes I just helped compliment myself* erm… yes, all the homeschoolers I have met are awesome! *awkward silence* moving on…

Yeah…ummm…so did I XD”Let another praise you and not your own lips” *gulp* NEXT TOPIC PLEASE!!

I have no idea how many times I’ve done that XD

I don’t keep track because if I did, well, I might be a little scared b/c that happens at night and my brain will begin calculating the amount of sleep I’ve lost over LOTR (just going to be honest here and say: is there ever a good stopping point in that book? Apart from the last sentence?)

Agreed, Faramir and Éowyn works so sweetly! The only weird part is I’m Éowyn and my dad is Faramir… 😂

Faramir and Eowyn are so cute together! (btw how do you do that little accent thing above the E in her name?) *fangirl squeal* XD How do you figure out who you are LOtR wise? I took this one test and it made me Frodo and then the next time I was Gimli?! Excuse me? I think it was an unrealiable sort of test anyway. I AM NOT FRODO NOR AM I A DWARF.

*huff of frustration*


Yeah, it was really sad when they left the caves and woods deal out of the movie.

They did that? Seriously?!!! *going into shock* *hang on*

Yes!😂 Brains, Samwise! “Wise” is even in your name! Your stupidity is gonna make me cry XD

Yes!! JUST THINK!! Oh well, I guess his loyalty and personality kind of make up for any other *ahem* shortcomings.

Haha, I wonder if one of them killed it… Which one of them would mercilessly kill a spider? Hm— forget it, it doesn’t take that much thinking. Pippin. 😂

Yup. That’s Pippin for sure. That pretty much just sums up his personality. He probably sat on it or something. Or just like: Oh look a little spider!


*and the little spider was never heard from again*

The things he would do that Tolkien never thought to tell us…

Yes! Hear that, Finn? It’s for your own good. I just want to help you gro— stop yelling at me. *shoves him in a chest and shakes head* He just doesn’t understand that the author suffers, too. … somewhat anyway. 😂

You know that thing parents say: “This hurts me as much as it hurts you?” Payton, please believe me! I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Most of the time anyway. Sometimes, I just get plain mad at him and let him deal with the consequences. What is Finn like? Do you h ave a character profile on him? Because I would love to hear more XD

Yes, I hope to. After the trilogy I am going to begin a new project I’ve been planning. It will be at least two books I think, and I hope to publish them.

YOU SHOULD SO PUBLISH IT!!! I’m serious! The world needs more young Christian authors!! Write on!! 😊🥰


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