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Ethan Leonard


Yes, Steven is the cold-blooded-killer guy of the squad. I’m thinking that for why he acts like that is maybe his brother was killed, or he’s just cold hearted, or something similar. As for his sacrifice, he was trying to finish the mission. He knew that the squad needed to get out, but that the mission had to be finished as well. And he wanted to get one last shot at the insurgents.

I can understand what you’re seeing with Jackson. Yes, he is caring and compassionate, that’s why I was considering adding a scene where after they hole up in that second building, he breaks down and starts crying after seeing all the members that they’ve lost. And it could be that that drove him to sacrifice himself to save the others…even though he does get saved….

Yes, this is in the Middle East. I was thinking Afghanistan. Time would be maybe 2010, 2011…not 2012, because that’s the year that Osama bin Laden was taken out…but then I realize that it could be remnants of Bin Laden’s forces…we’ll see.


The answer here is simple. They are Marines. They’ll each carry about 7-10 30 round magazines, which..say all of the members carry an M27 IAR and 8 30 round mags…that’s a total of 3120 rounds for the thirteen man squad, with 240 rounds per man. But, they can also carry a pistol, boot knife, some marines might carry a missile launcher, or a…the list goes on. Bottom line, they have the capacity to do in some 1,000 enemy combatants with some room for missing shots. (I promise I won’t bore you on this topic unless you ask for more info) But then…something to keep in mind is that the insurgents have similar weapons too…AK-47s, Grenades, machine guns…list goes on. I’ll stop here 😆

I do agree with the raising the stakes part. That does sound like a good idea…🤔

Thank gig for your input! I’d to have more please let me know!

(Yes, I did consider going into the Air Force. So I did my research)


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