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Joshua Scheele


Thank you! I feel like in this day and age everyone is so mixed up when it comes to defining truth. (“What’s true for you may not be true for me” kind of thing) But only God defines truth!!! I also decided to name my MC “Verity” because that means truth which is the main theme of the book. She’s a redheaded spitfire who is currently causing chaos in another character castle…. oh well.

Yesss! and Amen! I love the name. It is very similar to the latin word “veritas” Meaning ” Truth is mighty and will prevail” Amen! to that as well.

I’m loving all the detail!!! Seriously, this is great!! What gave you the idea for Icestone? It sounds absolutely gorgeous. I would love to see something like that in real life….

Thanks! Means a lot! I randomly thought it up with a random name as I was trying to think of unique plants for my world. There are other amazing plants that seem like a treasure. They look, feel, grow and smell like plants but they are also made of a crystalline material with crystal like appearance. They rely on an energy that is like radioactive energy but less likely to kill and more likely to change you that comes from a crystal place as the the planet’s core. Icestone just seemed like the perfect kind of plant to grow in the winter tundra. I then imagined “what would the most beautiful tree by like but it is native to a realm of eternal winter?” I then thought “what if it is a wonder of the world with the grandeur that can only be a credit to its artist?” I then thought of my fascination of how beautiful winter can be with trees coated with snow, ice covering/hanging from their branches, decked out in yellow Christmas lights, and how that makes feel with wonder and joy that this is my Father’s world.” I then imagined what it would be like to walk in a forest of such beauty that is peaceful and calm. Then I thought of how ice can sing in the wind and clink together like an orchestra (And to my listening ears, All nature sings and around me rings, the music of the spheres). I thought further of how wonderful it would be to not only see such beauty but if I was blind I could hear and know it for its wondrous sounds. I figured adding musical ambience would make sense in way if you have tested how ice/glass can make amazing sounds and also react to it (I am a homeschooler too/science project). As for the colors white, golden yellow, and blue, they are my favorite group of colors when I think of a priceless jewel. I honestly feel goosebumps and chills when I daydream of what a wonderful place that would be like to walk among such a forest that is the crown jewel of winter.

I’M LOVING IT EVEN MORE!! I never thought of working in that theme….WOW!! When you finish this story I am going to have to read it!!! By the way, I don’t think I ever asked, but what is your princess like? (Name, description, strengths, fears, that kind of thing) I’m always interested in reading other author’s character profiles!

Now I have no choice but to finish it! I have said too much! lol XD

Neither have I! XD

My princess’s name is “Sylvendra.” Her younger siblings call her “Sylvie.”

She starts out as a small and petite girl of either 10 or 11 years old who is exceptionally brave and fierce. I have a hard time what color of hair to give her. So far I have settled for dark brown, her eyes are a bright and vibrant hazel that can change colors depending on her mood.

She has suffered and witnessed horrible things and has yet to suffer more as there is never victory without sacrifices/losses. People look at her and wonder how can a child bear so much burden so young and yet have so much courage, strength and wisdom. When she is not looking or listening they will often weep and pray for the Creator’s mercy. She is her parents’ daughter and embodies my favorite definition of courage “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.”

Her greatest fear, is that she will not be strong enough when needed and everyone has to sacrifice themselves for her when she would rather be the one who is their shield so they, especially children, do not have to suffer like she did and can live in peace full of happiness and love. She decided that she will not be broken but a warrior that would make her family proud to live, serve, and fight as they would have. She wants to learn all she can to be useful to best serve those in need whether it be education, crafting, building, farming, hunting, or fighting. She decides to have her warriors teach her to be a soldier as she sees that is what those who are helpless, need the most. Her other more humorous fears is to be a soft and tender princess again who is more like a decoration for boys to gawk at. So she gets the idea that she must not appear anything like a princess should which is to the dismay of her mentors who still hope for her to fully rule them officially as their future queen. They hope and pray this era of her life will pass or may God help them all.  This may involve her dislike for baths and soap and she would have to be forced by a small army of maidens to take one when the dreaded days come but they will have to catch her first and drag her there. XD lol

She still suffers on the inside and only gives into her aches in pain when in private. However, when in public, she feels the pain of others and cries for them but not herself, because she has to be strong and take their pain as her own. She suffers from constant violent nightmares of the demons that killed her older siblings, mother, father, most of her friends, and people. She is terrified of the dark, fire, and sight/smell of blood which will be a hard obstacle for her as warrior/soldier to get over. In order to peacefully sleep as best as she can, she needs someone to rub her back and sweetly and tenderly sing her to sleep like her mother used to and also to sleep beside her holding her hand to remind her that she is safe and secure.

I still working on her but felt these details would make her an admirable character of one worth following into the jaws of evil for the good of all. After knowing and talking with so many real heroes, they may be courageous and strong on the outside but they all have suffered sacrifices on the inside and need their own heroes/pillars of support to keep on standing strong. I am open to suggestions for her if you have any.

Oh! So her armor would be white and blue right? That’s so cool! (love the LOTR reference XD)

Yep those are also her colors of her house. The natural colors of the tree just make the armor seem like it was specifically designed that way just for her.

I have been kinda following your discussion of characters with @rose-colored-fancy and @lady-grace. What is your MC like?

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