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Arindown (Gracie)


Heeyyyloo! *waves!

I know I’m a little late to the conversation, but I just wanted to say hi anyway and tell you that you are not alone. XD

I am NOT an outliner at all. I prefer to just jump in and see where the story takes me. I have not officially finished a manuscript, but I have over 80k on one and I’m planning to finish it. I think the biggest thing for finishing a draft is grit. You have to make yourself do it. I hate hearing myself say that, because I wish there was an easier way, but I think the secret is plain hard work and a dash of stubbornness. XD

I don’t edit as I go. First, because sometimes when you edit too soon you don’t see the full potential of what you wrote. Sometimes I will write and think it’s trash and want to delete it, but usually if I wait a few weeks I can come back and go “Ohh, that was a really good line,” or “I like that part, even if it needs a little polishing.” Especially as a panster, the writing is usually best “in the moment” even if I don’t see that until later.

The second reason I don’t edit as I go is because it can become frustrating because I can’t finish anything. I’ll get stuck on a certain scene and not move forward because it’s “not right yet.” I find that if I force myself to overlook the mistakes and keep going I can come back later and make the adjustments I need to. Even better, sometimes something comes up later in the story that fixes the “hole” I couldn’t figure out.

My advice is to keep doing what you do. Enjoy the process.

"If I'm gonna break, I'll break like the dawn." -Nightbirde

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