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Arindown (Gracie)


Sorry I’m a little late to the discussion.

I wrote a short piece lately about a female sergeant and I ran into some of the same questions you are asking.

First, there is a Christian author, Ronnie Kendig, who writes action-packed military thriller type books. If you want a good read and want to see how another Christian handles military life-style, I’d check her out. XD

Second, I think the most important thing for the swearing + violence is to set up your Main Character as someone your readers will really like and someone who really does have good intentions. My character Jenn struggles with who she feels she “is” (tough female sergeant in a masculine environment) with the desire to be wanted, and loved and have real friendships. Because you understand what’s going on inside her, the swearing and “tough” attitude isn’t such an issue. There is a Christian guy in her squad who she makes fun of mercilessly, but my readers still like Jenn because they realize that she doesn’t know what real Christianity (real love) is and so she’s going to react wrong until she learns what’s right. Does that make sense? XD

For the swearing, I think something that helped me was to remember that a character doesn’t have to swear to have the right “vibe.” I use what Caladris said (‘She swore’ and ‘He cursed’) but I also like being creative with it. Sometimes a character doesn’t need to swear to make their point. For example, in the first Captain America movie the officers call the soldiers “ladies” in an insulting way, which I think that stays true to military style also.  Sarcasm helps a lot. XD

The other thing I was going to say was I think writing a “cold-blooded killer” is all about how you come across. One thing would be, kind of like you said, to focus on your MC’s buddies more than the enemy. Keep the focus on the life he’s saving and not the life he’s taking. Of course, you may want to bring the weight of killing humans in battle into the story, but as long as the MC works through it the reader is usually fine. I believe that as Christians we should be the first to promote peace and the first to value life, but war is going to happen. David was a man after God’s own heart but also a pretty awesome warrior.

I don’t know, this is just my lil three cents. XD Best of luck with the story, I know it’ll be great.

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