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Joshua Scheele


Okay well, when you said different religions, I could see this story where everyone is forced by the leaders into doing this “one religion” that isn’t the true one…. And that’s all they’ve ever been taught. So the MC kind of goes from growing up with this false religion/suppression of the truth to questioning it. And probably getting in big trouble…and meeting someone who shows her the truth…

I like it! I could see some awesome Christian themes coming from that on the importance of truth and who or what defines what is true.

I forgot to mention my crown’s design. I have a rare/special tree called Icestone in the land of eternal winter that the crown is made from. The tree is made of a crystalline material with a crystal like appearance. Its trunk is white as mother of pearl with a slight frosty hue and its leaves are of an icy azure blue. From its branches, its crystal like seeds (kinda like a pine cone) shine like small stars of golden hue. Her crown is a diadem of its finest polished wood that shines of pure white when in the light that is wreathed in polished and hardened leaves of the finest hue. At its peak, are leaves trimmed and shaped into my world’s beloved constellation, The Winter Rose. At each point of the constellation’s shape are small diamond like pieces carved from a seed that shine like small tiny droplets of sun light. At the flower’s heart is the largest carved diamond like piece carved from the seed that roars with the power and golden light like a tiny sun (I would like to give it a specific/special carved shape but need ideas).

One fact about my rare forest of Icestone, is that it is also a musical forest that plays songs of majesty and wonder that are forever trapped within its canopy of ice and crystal (It is kind of a magical phenomenon in my world but my idea is inspired from the constant theme in scripture that if we all stop singing praise to God, all creation including the rocks shall lift up its voice in praise to the Creator).

It is dream of my princess to one day visit the heart of this forest to offer her finest song in hopes that it is worthy to be forever played to the glory of their Creator.

An artwork I dream of creating/having created is of her singing in the eternal winter forest shining of  gold, white, and blue hues with an aurora borealis dancing across the heavens as if to the music of her praise.

Her armor is also made from the icestone tree. The wood and leaves, when refined can be as hard as the finest Tungsten/steel (my version of mithril XD lol) Her plate armor is made of the refined wood and her mail is made of leaves overlapped like dragon scales.

Sigh…. Sorry, I always get carried away when I describe my Icestone and anything related. XD Lol

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