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XD I love it!! XD Payton’s in a character castle at the moment, and I’m am proud that he has managed to keep his more obnoxious side under – relative – control…. for the moment, anyway….he did just get there…. But it’s probably because he made friends with the other character so he’s good!

Ohhh, very impressive of him! (Don’t count on it staying that way XD) I think in her time Liorah only made enemies and a few partners in crime. I don’t know which is worse XD

Well, I’m glad she told you and didn’t let things explode or let Aydin get hurt!

It only took one explosion and a few minor injuries on both sides to figure that out, so I call it a success XD

Ferran sounds perfect for her ha ha! He must have a pretty strong character….and not be afraid of arson….. XD I’m glad you have him worked out now!

He DOES! Liorah has the moral compass of a drunk raccoon so Ferran has to make up for that too. He does have an immensely strong character which is the only reason she hasn’t corrupted him like the others XD Okay maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, Liorah isn’t all bad, she’s just very fun to make fun of XD

Oooh! The harp is so pretty! Do you plan on picking it back up at any point? One day I’d like to learn to play the violin….right now I’m saving up to get one so we’ll see how that turns out….

Ooohh fun! I used to play up until a month or two ago. I had to quit lessons because it got too busy, but I’m probably going to keep playing for myself!

Oh man, that sounds like something I would do….just write lyric and put off actually writing them until the end….

LOL, yep, I use way too many placeholders while writing XD Sometimes I’ll not name very minor characters and just write “NAME”

I love it, that’s beautiful!!

Thank you!

You’re welcome! What is Liorah’s symbolism?

Let me see… Fire, gold, stars, and poppies! She also has wind symbolism every now and then, but not as much as the rest. I think at some point one of the villains calls her “The burning princess” which she was secretly very proud of XD

Also, she and Ferran share a lot of symbolism. Ferran is a goldsmith, which shares both the gold and fire symbolism, and poppies are kind of their couple symbolism.

XD As long as you leave Aydin alone, remember?

Hmmm, just this once XD

Are you planning on publishing Gilded Blood?

Nope! GB is my project to just mess around in and experiment! I’m letting some people read it so I know what to work on and learn from it! If you ever feel like reading it, I’ll be happy to share it! The next draft (Third or fourth one) should be finished early next year!

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