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Sydney Witbeck


I am slowly finishing book 1 due to work.

πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» All the best on your writing!!

Thanks! I have enjoyed reading battles and sometimes have this feeling of thrill when you know the rightful reasons why this battle is being fought and that the bad guys are going to served proper justice. I have become decent at describing the scene as a whole as I love military strategy and tactics but my weakness is zooming into the battle and describing a fight up close, especially the character(s) martial prowess on the battlefield. How are you with up close fights like duels or small fights?

Best kind of thrill!! Or one of the best πŸ™‚ I do better with smaller groups of people as opposed to large-scale battles. Mostly by that I mean two people fighting each other. I think I get kinda intimidated by the larger stuff. I am clueless when it comes to battle techniques….my poor soldiers….. I’m hoping to get through my WIP without a battle scene but we’ll see how that works out.

Yeah, worldbuilding has always been a hobby. One my weaknesses is actually providing a good description of my original races and creatures such as their mannerisms, antics, and etc. I am getting better but still have much to learn. One reason for all the races is due to Tolkien and other authors who made it fun and exciting to imagine what would a world be like if humans were not the only race created by God. I don’t mean this in any political way but biblically; the other reason is my sense of humor of how this world is so focused on trying to turn any conflict they can into a battle between races (the proper term is ethnical issues). If people would like to see a true racial conflict of where one race for example elves are trying to exterminate another race like humans as a fight for survival, then they are in the right place. XD lol

Oh man….Tolkien is a huge inspirer! I have never written a book with multiple races but maybe if I ever get around to writing my allegory dream I will work that in there…

However, this where my biblical sense kicks in that if the creator put multiple races on a planet, they better throw out the idea that this world not big enough for the both of us. God placed them there for a reason because He loves them all equally as his children and desires what is best for all of them. The racial discrimination, conflicts, and centuries old hatred will be my princess’s biggest obstacle but also her greatest triumph as she proves unconditional, Christ-like love is not exclusive to any one race but to all of God’s people. Through this lesson the the generations to come after my princess’s time when her people travel the stars, they can be the best diplomats and examples to galaxies and beyond that God is always good and His love is boundless.

That is a theme the world needs to hear now! No one is more deserving of love in God’s eyes than someone else. Ooooh different galaxies?! Are the races there human or are there a lot of different races? (If you have that planned out yet)

Yes, some creatures are bad some due to customs and way of living such as the weasel folk and toad folk. Others particularly the mutants are cruel bullies because their master is even more cruel and leaves no room for deviation from his grand plan. In a way I am being like Tolkien of having a clear line of good vs evil. However, in his Silmarillion, there are many times where there was not a clear line as the supposedly good races fought among themselves. I am going spotlight that more, because all creatures are selfish. There are some who are less selfish than others because they govern themselves well with good moral code that is apart of their way of living, particularly those who believe in the Creator as their God, knowing the simple truth who He is and what he has done. My story will also use a great deal of religions as faith in something greater that include false religion based on lies and selfish schemes, somewhat true ideas but horribly twisted to meet selfish goals, and one true faith and that is believing in the Creator (God) and knowing Him for who He truly is.

You’ve readΒ The Silm? It’s been on my TBR list for a long time now. Yes, I agree that there should be a clear line between good and evil in fiction. But at the same time you have to show that even the most amazing of heroes are flawed and have their moments of selfishness. Reading about the different religions in your story actually just gave me a story idea (allegory) 😊

What is the major Christian theme/focus of your book?

So a lot of this story revolves around two people basically. One (the MC) is a soldier named Nathan. He used to be an enemy soldier and was a part of the army that was attacking Alvastia. (My medieval kingdom) Their army was defeated of course. The good guys showed mercy to their enemy and an especial act of mercy to one of Nathan’s fallen comrades was what God used to work in his heart. (It was one of my favorite scenes to write) Anyway…. most of the Alvastians still don’t trust him so he built walls around his heart. The other person is Payton (My favorite character and a kind of de-facto MC) He will do anything to not disappoint those he looks up to (Like his family) He is also extremely suspicious of Nathan…. so they have a lot of tension/conflict together.

Alright all this to say…. my theme!! Through the course of the book, they both deal with self-doubt/trust. They have to learn to completely trust God no matter what men think about them. And the main lesson – which Nathan helps Payton to see at the end and which scene I can’t wait to write!! – is that we can’t earn favor with God. Also that no matter what we do, no matter how many times we fall, He is NEVER EVER going to let us down. He will always be there for us. We don’t have to try to “measure up” so to speak. I personally struggled a lot with this at one point in my life so I love the idea of putting this theme in.

So there you have it πŸ™‚

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