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@enomisnekal That’s cool! I’ve made a baby blanket too, but I’ve never done a granny square. They look cute, though, so I might try them sometime. The only amigurumis I’ve done are some little angels, which made great Christmas gifts. The bulk of my crochet work consists of dishcloths and lace XD. I totally get what you mean by the joy of making little things 🙂 Your stories sound interesting, especially the second one (though the third sounds kind of funny…and yet sad)! Do you have a favorite character?

Thanks! I do have a favorite character from the first draft. Her name is Hattie, and she’s a really great woman. I plan on fleshing her out more from just being a minor side character to more of a mentor. I realized at the end of my first draft that she really needs more attention through the story, so I just decided to start writing as if I had already made those changes.

That story is actually the fifth story I have written. It’s just the one I feel most comfortable going forward editing and writing a second draft. The others have been YA fantasy or romance.

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