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Sydney Witbeck


Yeah, it is but I can’t imagine a more exciting goal. So far I am guessing the first two series will be as long as the ranger’s apprentice that is 16 novels long……… that’s not including the side novels. XD Lol Yessss! Lord willing I hope to publish it!

Oh wow!! That is so cool! Where are you in the process? (What book?)

XD Lol Thanks! The scene I dream of writing one day, is when the princess of the purest white and blue armor and her mighty companions stand before the legions of darkness at the head of an ocean of bright fluttering banners and the myriad of glinting armor and weapons both on land and sky. It will be a battle of the land and sky that will go into the annuals history as the day, all good creatures and peoples united to follow a small young princess (my version of Joan of Arc) to victory. Her crown is the coolest design I could ever imagine and hope to it make it the most significant piece of her attire.

You’re very welcome!

WOW. !!!! 😲🤩🤗

*blinks at screen and rereads*

That sounds sooo cool! Battles are my *ahem* weakness in writing, and yours sounds amazing. How does the design on her crown look?

So far for races, I have humans, elves (who are split into several subgroups), badger like humanoids (my alternative for dwarves), Weasel/Wolverine like humanoids, fox/racoon like humanoids (my alternative for hobbits but borne fighters), giant toad like humanoids (not friendly and always hungry), Wild cat like humanoids, Wolf like humanoids, lab created mutants (serve as my orks/Urks), Giant humanoid Yeti/troll like creatures, Mutant assassins that are somewhat insectoid (they serve as my nazgul for their dark master), and a medium sized spiky creatures with sharp beaked mouths and long claws (they are my goblin alternative). As for my creatures there are giant cats, giant wolves, dragons of land, sky, and sea, large to giant land and aquatic insect/crustaceans, giant sea serpents, giant ravens (my alternative to Lotr giant eagles, giant deer/elk with blade like horns (they are the shepherds of the wilds/forest), owl like gryphons, and plus several of my own original creatures. Several of these creatures can talk like those in Narnia and many others have their own intelligent languages.

Again. WOW. It sounds you put a ton of time and thought into the creation of your world and I’m sure it shows in your writing. What gave you the idea for all these races? Are there certain races that are distinctly band and some that are distinctly good or are they mixed for the most part?

Absolutely! I am learning to be better at critiquing but would be more than happy to read your story. I will also be in need of beta readers once I finish my first novel hopefully by early next year and would appreciate it if you could go over mine too.

Thank you! I have never beta read before or critiqued a story, so if I do, please keep that in mind! XD

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