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Sydney Witbeck


If you’re a homeschooler then you can add that to the list of unites😂 Yes! Good bye world!! I’ll see you at 3am!! 😂


*clears throat*

sorry. True though XD

So true!! Then there’s what happens when you say to yourself “just one more chapter….” and look up at the clock several hours later….

Now I want goats just so I can name them🤣. Seriously though, that’s awesome.

Ha ha!! I never thought I would end up getting goats but I wouldn’t trade them for anything now lol

My brother is sooo Pip. @e-n-leonard is Frodo so I take any opportunities to act like Gollum and Shelob. I honestly don’t know why XD.

That’s hilarious! XD

I honestly have no idea who I would be!

Men: Aragorn and Éowyn (Me and Éowyn share personalities😀) Elves: Legolas, Galadriel, and Arwen. Dwarves: yeah… only one😂 Dear lil Gimli. Hobbits: Probably Sam although he can be a little stupid😂. (I was worried that he had killed Pip too) I agree with Shadowfax wholeheartedly! Spiders: The tiny one that’s so small it’s never even mentioned 😂

I love Eowyn!! At first, I wanted her and Aragorn together but now I think she and Farmir are so sweet together! 😂

Elves/Dwarves: Oh yeah, I also love Legolas’ and Gimli’s friendship considering the differences between Elves and Dwarves! 😊

Hobbits: Sam is so brave even if he sometimes should use his head a little more.

lol How could I forget that tiny little spider XD

I’ve killed.. my favorite and my MC’s dad.

Poor guy!! The things we put our MCs through in order to grow them…

That’s awesome that you published it! Now I want to go read it😂

Thank you! I had so much fun with it! If you read it, I hope you enjoy it 🥰😊 Do you ever plan on publishing any of your works?


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