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Sydney Witbeck


😂 yes, it is! And it works pretty well because I’m some mild form of pantser. I do have a current WIP as well as several books waiting to be written. My current one is a dystopian, and the others are one historical fiction and a bunch of (or really one very large) fantasies.

I’m a pantster too!! (Which doesn’t always work out in my favor, however…..) What is the plot for your WIP? I haven’t read much dystopian (CS Lewis’ Space trilogy, not sure if that counts or not?) but I would be interested to hear about yours!!! 🙂

That’s okay! And I’d like to read it…thanks for no spoilers…and I’m sorry (?) about your favorite character.

Oh you really should! The style is a lot different that LOTR but the world of Middle Earth is still there so I love it! You’re welcome! It’s okay….I think? Extremely sad but then again I like sad stories…. (Is like the right word?)

Pippin is actually pretty similar to my little brother, so needless to say I’ve got a rather soft spot for the character even if I find him a little annoying 😂

Aaaaw I love that!!! 😋😋😊😊 How many siblings do you have? I’m in an all-girl house, I have two sisters.

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