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Hi Emma! Nice to meet you.

I made one amigurumi bunny that I love. Right now I am making a granny square blanket because I love the joy from making little things. I am also planning a baby blanket for a friend who is 13 weeks pregnant. Right now I am leaning towards the bubble stitch. I love the little square I made with it.

The romance story is about a lady who was rejected by her boyfriend when he met someone else. Woman’s uncle invites her to come work for him at his bed and breakfast in the Colorado mountains. As she’s there, she starts a journey to gain confidence in herself and heal from past traumas.

As for the fantasy novels, one of them is about homeschooled twins accidentally stumbling into a portal to the fairy world where they are coerced into righting a wrong between the fey and the humans there so they can go back home.

The second story involves the meme “My Hogwarts letter never came, I didn’t get invited to Camp Half Blood, and now Gandalf is my only hope.” It’s still in the early planning stages.

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