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Blooming Grace


Yay! Bookworm/writer/Middle-Earth fanatics unite! 🙂 Oh yeah, once I pick up a book….well…. I just get lost in my own world…

If you’re a homeschooler then you can add that to the list of unites😂
Yes! Good bye world!! I’ll see you at 3am!! 😂

Tumnus is my baby! XD And my sister has a goat named Lucy….

Now I want goats just so I can name them🤣. Seriously though, that’s awesome.

Pippin!!! Definitely Pippin. 100%. All the way! XD After that it’s pretty much which of the main characters I am reading about at the moment. (Except Frodo. Sorry buddy)

My brother is sooo Pip. @e-n-leonard is Frodo so I take any opportunities to act like Gollum and Shelob. I honestly don’t know why XD.

Who are your favorites?

Men: Aragorn and Éowyn (Me and Éowyn share personalities😀)

Elves: Legolas, Galadriel, and Arwen.

Dwarves: yeah… only one😂 Dear lil Gimli.

Hobbits: Probably Sam although he can be a little stupid😂. (I was worried that he had killed Pip too)

I agree with Shadowfax wholeheartedly!

Spiders: The tiny one that’s so small it’s never even mentioned 😂

Ummm….never!?! Wait, your favorite died? Just died? 😭🙄😮 I’m SOO SORRY!!! I haven’t killed anyone who didn’t deserve it yet. (AKA my villain) oh wait. I forgot, one of the older brother’s of my characters dies. But that’s before the story opened so it doesn’t really count.

I’ve killed.. my favorite and my MC’s dad. He died before the book so it definitely doesn’t count😂. Honestly, a dead parent is so common I didn’t want to do it but it kinda had to be done.

I self-published A Journey to Unshakable Faith about… *stares at the wall, calculating* a year and a half ago? Don’t quote me on that though! XD It was so rewarding to actually have a copy of my book in my hands after all the time and work!

That’s awesome that you published it! Now I want to go read it😂

A long-hidden tale may hold the answers-and the healing-they so desperately seek.
~Set the Stars Alight

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