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Blooming Grace


I’m sorry, but the first half of A Tale of Two Cities tried to kill me😂. I recently got to a part where it’s a little less boring though, so I may survive it😂


Hello again! I believe I need to go respond to some things on yours. I’ll have to do that when I get a moment.

What genre is your WIP? What is it about?

It is a trilogy in the fantasy genre…

Bonds: Purpose

Finnegan Bruinsdale never expected his little sister’s fairytales to come true. That is, until he’s part of one. When his mother and sister are captured by a witch, Finn discovers a portal that leads him to his dead father’s homeland. A place where hope gives people a magical power.

Finn’s only goal is to rescue his captured family, but God has called him for many great things.

Is Finnegan ready to accept his calling and overcome his feeling of insignificance, especially when he seems to repeatedly fail?

Yes!! We need more Chosen fans!! (Mostly we need them to release the next season….our family found and binged all the ones they have….)

Yeesssss! Always need more (fans and seasons😂)! We’ve seen both seasons at least 3-4 times each. And this is coming from people who don’t watch tv😂. If you want I can some some pictures of the rocks I’ve painting. *cue trying to figure out how to post a picture*

I love reading and rereading my favorite books, finding ways to chat with my fellow writer/reader/authors, drawing horses and walking my dogs.

I don’t know how many times I’ve reread favs XD. I think I’ve read some books 10 or more times😂.
I started a horse sketch a really long time ago. It was going good but I never finished it.
Walking dogs is the best thing ever when you’re in a campground with little hidden trails XD.

Also, I believe I saw you on YWW. If so, I’m C. L. on there🙂.

A long-hidden tale may hold the answers-and the healing-they so desperately seek.
~Set the Stars Alight

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