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XD I know right!?! Try telling someone who’s not a writer that you can’t control you’re characters and they look at you like you’ve lost your mind…

Well, maybe they’re right….

Well, they’re definitely not wrong XD

Hope you make it out alive!! See you later!! *winks at characters* Oh man, PAyton deserves (almost) everything I throw at him. Sometimes I go a little bit overboard with it, but I’m sure it’s good for his character growth XD I can just see him and Liorah in a character castle together…..XD

Oh goodness YES! I’ve had Liorah in character castles multiple times, and every time was worse than the last. She feuded with everyone, swore at the castle, almost died an alarming amount of times, and threw shoes at whoever deserved it. She also came up with very alarming threats. She’s exhausting, bless her XD

That sounds like a tricky balance but I bet it’s so rewarding!! Uncooperative characters again? XD Is it Aydin or someone else?

Well, Aydin was her original love interest, until Liorah politely informed me that he wouldn’t survive a relationship with her. (Whether this was a threat or an observation goodness only knows.) However she was not incorrect, so now they have a sibling-like relationship, which is very cute.

Liorah’s love interest is called Ferran, and he’s the only person who can consistently put up with her XD He somehow manages to strike the balance between encouraging her chaos and keeping her from dying. That’s impressive in and of itself XD

However, it took me a lot of work to extract his backstory and personality from him, mostly because he kept changing. I think I’ve got an idea now, and I really like how it’s working out!

YESS! I get you!! I have no musical background whatsoever….and spent a great deal of time staring at the ceiling and mouthing rhymes to myself….

I played harp for like eight years, but I still can’t do it XD I have no idea how to bring poetry and music together, so I just settled for a few rhyming lines XD

(I would love to “hear” XD your verses if you ever want to share them by the way!)

Awesome, I’ll root around in my manuscript and see if I can dig them up!

Loll I just found a few places I just said “LYRIC” as a placeholder instead of writing anything XD

Okay here’s one of the verses, the one in my quote:

With the sunshine, shadows will come, and light seems far/ Without darkness, there is no light/ If there was no nighttime, would the dawn be as bright?/

That’s all I got XD I’m definitely neither a poet nor a songwriter XD

Nothing like a good battle for getting rid of a villain! Oh wow! 4 in 2 chapters!?!

I know, it was… eventful XD

That is a lot of symbolism but I love it!! I was wondering about your title….wow! That is SOO COOL!!! I love that you put a “background legend” into your story!!

Thank you! I actually have a LOT more symbolism, almost every character has some XD I find it extremely fun to write, and you can’t really have too much.

I really liked that too! There are a few more background legends in one or two cases, though they’re mostly framed as myths or fairytales! I found it really fun to figure out!

They just have no idea, do they?! And they can’t stop anything we do! And we can put them in some pretty…ummm…interesting circumstances, can’t we?

Exactly, poor characters XD

Thank you, Rose! Alright, I promise I won’t come after you now! *put sword and bow & arrow away*

Oh thank goodness, I get to live and wreak havoc another day XD

I hope you enjoy it…..  And apologies in advance if Payton annoys you with his treatment of Ethan in the beginning. I couldn’t stop him, but trust me, I made sure he has CONSEQUENCES!!! By the way, if you’re going to read it, I can tell you *Ethan’s* real name. It’s Nathan.

Oh, I will! And absolutely don’t worry about that, you have to let your characters make their mistakes and fall on their faces XD

Ohhh, I like that name even better! I also obscured and changed a few names, but I’m not telling you which ones 😉 It would spoil a twist in book 1, in case you ever read it XD

Yes, I will too! I always work in Word….not Google Docs….but when I get ready to send it your way we can work that out too!

Yep, we’ll find a solution to that!

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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