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Sydney Witbeck


Hi! I’m excited to join SE and meet some other writers! A little bit about me… I play guitar, I’m nearly done with the first draft of my first book, and I love hiking! I also paint rocks to spread The Chosen (a tv. show about the life of Christ). Oh, and I may be a little *cough*, ok, a lot, obsessed with reading. What do y’all like to do? *wanders away hoping I did everything right* lol

Hello hello!! XD I think we’ve already met some on my intro but I saw yours and thought I would drop in XD

What genre is your WIP? What is it about?

Yes!! We need more Chosen fans!! (Mostly we need them to release the next season….our family found and binged all the ones they have….)

I love reading and rereading my favorite books, finding ways to chat with my fellow writer/reader/authors, drawing horses and walking my dogs.


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