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Sydney Witbeck


Truest thing I’ve heard today *nods sadly*

XD I know right!?! Try telling someone who’s not a writer that you can’t control you’re characters and they look at you like you’ve lost your mind…

Well, maybe they’re right….

Oh, yes, you just need to hurl them into the midst of chaos like “Okay guys, have fun! Don’t die too much!” I apologize to Aydin every time I write him, but never to Liorah because she deserves it for being a brat XD

Hope you make it out alive!! See you later!! *winks at characters* Oh man, PAyton deserves (almost) everything I throw at him. Sometimes I go a little bit overboard with it, but I’m sure it’s good for his character growth XD I can just see him and Liorah in a character castle together…..XD

It was hard to develop the love interest enough, that he didn’t just feel flat. He just wouldn’t cooperate with development most of the time XD It was also tough to add enough conflict that it made sense for them not to get together until the end, but not so much that it felt dramatic! However, it was so very worth it, the relationships are probably some of my favorite parts of the story!

That sounds like a tricky balance but I bet it’s so rewarding!! Uncooperative characters again? XD Is it Aydin or someone else?

Ohhh yesss I had to write a few verses and that was HARD!

YESS! I get you!! I have no musical background whatsoever….and spent a great deal of time staring at the ceiling and mouthing rhymes to myself….

(I would love to “hear” XD your verses if you ever want to share them by the way!)

Oh, such a mood XD I once killed off four important characters in two chapters because I needed to get rid of them asap XD

Nothing like a good battle for getting rid of a villain! Oh wow! 4 in 2 chapters!?!

That is a lot of symbolism but I love it!! I was wondering about your title….wow! That is SOO COOL!!! I love that you put a “background legend” into your story!!

Exactly!! It’s just one long cycle of “Oh, you thought this was rock bottom? HAHA NOT YET!” *Evil writer laugh*

They just have no idea, do they?! And they can’t stop anything we do! And we can put them in some pretty…ummm…interesting circumstances, can’t we?

Oh, don’t worry, Aydin gets a very happy ending! It took quite some work and suffering to get there, but he deserves it 🥰 You’re not the first person to threaten that XD I’m never going to leave him alone, but I give him a happy ending so that makes up for it XD

Thank you, Rose! Alright, I promise I won’t come after you now! *put sword and bow & arrow away*

If I let them do the thinking there wouldn’t be anything left of the story XD Or they’d just sit in a corner and mope, especially Liorah XD I don’t trust my characters that much XD

I can trust some of them. Ethan, for example. Payton….never in a hundred years!! XD

Yes! Awesome! I can’t wait to read it! You have my email via the newsletter, you can use that one! Once we’re closer to the time I’ll be happy to discuss details! So far I’ve always worked on Google Docs, that works great for beta reading because you can easily leave comments! (Oh, one more thing! If you tag people, you should do it in the space where you’re typing, it won’t work in the ‘tags’ area. Honestly, I have no idea how that tags area works, I’ve never used it XD)

I hope you enjoy it….. 🙄😊😉 And apologies in advance if Payton annoys you with his treatment of Ethan in the beginning. I couldn’t stop him, but trust me, I made sure he has CONSEQUENCES!!! By the way, if you’re going to read it, I can tell you *Ethan’s* real name. It’s Nathan. 🙂


Yes, I will too! I always work in Word….not Google Docs….but when I get ready to send it your way we can work that out too!

Ha ha! Thank you!! That was driving me crazy! I was like TAGS SHOW UP, WON’T YOU!?!

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