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Sydney Witbeck


😂 For the most part, I just let my characters run wild. Things get interesting when I let them figure out stuff the hard way XD

lol! That’s hilarious!! Do you have a current WIP by the way?

😂 I bet your characters hate that perk of their world!

They hate it…I love it!

“Payton, if you don’t listen to me right now, I am throwing you in the dungeon. And I mean it!!”

Payton looks up from where he has been doing something I tried to politely ask him NOT TO DO: You can’t do that. It’s not part of the story!

Me: Well, guess what? It’s in the story now buddy!!

*Payton glares at me from the inside of a dungeon. I blissfully continue writing*

And when I read that part *doesn’t spoil* with Pippin, I was like, wait, did he just kill off Pippin?! 😨  Thankfully not…

Yeah. He better not kill Pippin!! Although there is another Tolkien story, The Children of Hurin, where my absolute favorite character in the whole entire book gets MURDERED!! HE DIES!!! No spoilers but it is SAD!!! 😭😭😭😭


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