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Characters….sometimes they can be so unpredicatable!

Truest thing I’ve heard today *nods sadly*

Yes!! I love throwing Ethan and Payton into the deep end **sorry guys** and hoping they will learn to swim and not sink! OK fine. I apologize to Ethan, but I don’t usually tell Payton I’m sorry. He doesn’t listen to me so I guess he kinda deserves it….

Oh, yes, you just need to hurl them into the midst of chaos like “Okay guys, have fun! Don’t die too much!”

I apologize to Aydin every time I write him, but never to Liorah because she deserves it for being a brat XD

Liorah sounds like such an interesting character, I love her! Also, I think you did a great of of describing the relationship between her and Gav. Conflicted/strained relationships can be tricky to write but when you pull it off….it’s such a satisfying feeling!

Thank you! I love writing super complicated, conflicted relationships, it’s so fun XD I love it a bit too much actually XD

Oh well, actually, I open with their wedding so the romance from that point on is a bit easier…. yeah me too. I usually don’t read romance unless it’s done the right way, if you know what I mean! What was your biggest challenge in writing that?

Hmmm… Let me see…

It was hard to develop the love interest enough, that he didn’t just feel flat. He just wouldn’t cooperate with development most of the time XD

It was also tough to add enough conflict that it made sense for them not to get together until the end, but not so much that it felt dramatic!

However, it was so very worth it, the relationships are probably some of my favorite parts of the story!

YEEESS! (The second hardest thing was writing a song but that’s a whole different kettle of fish XD)

Ohhh yesss I had to write a few verses and that was HARD!

The main reason I wrote the battle was to give me a good excuse to kill off Malon, my main villain. I have SUCH a hard time coming up with ways to punish my villains so I resorted to simply killing him off in battle. However, as there is no battle in this next book….. perpetual banishment? idk

Oh, such a mood XD I once killed off four important characters in two chapters because I needed to get rid of them asap XD

Is that even possible! XD Is the symbolism in Gilded Blood? What is it?

Okay, there’s a LOT! I have a lot in MoS too but it isn’t as developed yet!

A lot of the characters are associated with things. I have a character who is connected to glass, gems, shattering things, and so on. I love using symbolism in descriptions, it gives it a cohesive and fairytale feel!

Another example is Aydin and Faye. (Actually, both couples have some very nice symbolism) Aydin used to work with poisons that were made from flowers, and Faye is working on becoming a healer, which obviously also involves herbs and flowers. So, it’s a same/opposite thing. Besides that, I worked flowers into a lot of key moments of their relationship!

However, my favorite example is the title! So, “Gilded Blood” is a play on Goldenblooded, which is the dynasty Liorah and Gavril are from.

They were called that because of a myth that all humans were created with golden blood, that turned red after the first sin. So, it basically means perfect or sinless.

A large theme in the story is how Liorah and Gavril are both pressured to keep up pretenses, to not show how loaded their personal lives and the political situation are.

Besides that, the story starts off in a pretty black and white way, with clear heroes and villains and as it progresses, everything turns to shades of gray.

So, instead of “Golden Blood” it’s “Gilded Blood”, which kind of shows how nothing is as good or perfect as it seems on the outside.

I’m very proud of it, it’s one of my favorite bits of symbolism, there are so many layers to it!

My characters: Oh good things are finally calming down! I guess she’s finally going to leave us alone now.

Me: *rubbing hands* Just you wait, guys! Have you ever heard of the calm before the storm!?!

Exactly!! It’s just one long cycle of “Oh, you thought this was rock bottom? HAHA NOT YET!” *Evil writer laugh*

Aaaaa! Poor Aydin! Things do look up for him by the end, right!?!

Oh, don’t worry, Aydin gets a very happy ending! It took quite some work and suffering to get there, but he deserves it 🥰

Girl! If you don’t leave Aydin alone, I am coming to his rescue!!!! XD

You’re not the first person to threaten that XD I’m never going to leave him alone, but I give him a happy ending so that makes up for it XD

Singular shared brain cell…..  Yeah, I just let them do all the thinking work….saves me the trouble….

If I let them do the thinking there wouldn’t be anything left of the story XD Or they’d just sit in a corner and mope, especially Liorah XD I don’t trust my characters that much XD

I never knew swords had “sub-categories!” So cool!! I’m going to have to work that into my next book if I get an opportunity. =) I would love to get a chance to learn how to use a sword one day!

Yes! There are so many kinds, it’s super cool! There’s a lot of overlap but they’re still really distinct!

Oh the many revisions my battle had to go through…. It was probably a toss-up as to who was more exhausted by the end, me or my characters XD

Oh mood XD That’s how it is

By the way, I read your article on sword fighting from your blog! That helps a ton!! Thanks a bunch for making any of my future swordfights more realistic XD Maybe I can use the “I need to watch some battles in case I ever need to write some more” excuse to watch LOTR…

Awesome, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Yess, an excellent excuse XD

Yeah, you wouldn’t want to cut your own head off…wow. Sorry if that wounded graphic…

That would indeed be less than ideal XD

Beta reading sounds so cool! Yes, I would be interested in letting you Beta read my story! I would love to have another writer’s opinion….. So when I finish, what would the best way be to send it to you?

Yes! Awesome! I can’t wait to read it!

You have my email via the newsletter, you can use that one! Once we’re closer to the time I’ll be happy to discuss details! So far I’ve always worked on Google Docs, that works great for beta reading because you can easily leave comments!

(Oh, one more thing! If you tag people, you should do it in the space where you’re typing, it won’t work in the ‘tags’ area. Honestly, I have no idea how that tags area works, I’ve never used it XD)

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