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E. N. Leonard


Thanks, I’ll go check it out!


Aww thanks! =) Maybe sometime in the near future they will learn enough wisdom to listen to me XD

😂 For the most part, I just let my characters run wild. Things get interesting when I let them figure out stuff the hard way XD

Hmmmm…..my favorite thing about writing medieval fiction is that I get to write fantasy full of swordfights, bow and arrows, adventure, royalty, riding horses into battle, and gorgeous flowing dresses! XD Oh yeah, and the fact that if my characters don’t behave there is always the threat of sticking them in a dungeon 😅

Yes! I love all those things! I really enjoy writing (relatively) medieval fantasy because it lends itself well to wild imagination and deep symbolism.

😂 I bet your characters hate that perk of their world!


Horses: (because yes they count!!) Shadowfax. 🙂

Hobbits, well, you already know that one! (By the way, the first time I read LOTR I thought Pippin died and I started getting mad at Tolkien….)

Shadowfax is awesome. And when I read that part *doesn’t spoil* with Pippin, I was like, wait, did he just kill off Pippin?! 😨  Thankfully not…

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