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Joshua Scheele


yeah photo is probably a good example of something that hugs the body and would not be a hinderance when running.

That’s interesting! What were the barriers to those alliances previously/what motivated them to remain separate, and how were those conflicts reasoned through or overpowered around the creation of the charter?

Before my cataclysm happened there used to be just humans and elves and no talking dragons, giant cats, and stuff like that XD. Now after the cataclysm, Elves have been split into different groups that are almost considered each their own race due to drastic differential appearances. The introduction of talking 4 legged creatures of dragon, small specific birds, gryphons, giant ravens, giant wolves, giant cats, dangerous elk like deer with blade like horns, and several more was the most unsettling for the elder races because they never did before. I refer it to it as the creator’s gift where the specific 4 legged creatures have the choice of talking like a Narnian animal or  stay with their old ways of a wild animal with some higher intelligence or kinda meet half way of keeping some wildness but also have the intelligence of humans and speaks with their own language.

This language has many dialects depending on the species and regional subspecies that differs in growls, grunts, long winded guttural sounds, and whistles. Then there are animal humanoids like cats, wolves, lizard/dragon like people, badger people, weasel/wolverine people, and fox/raccoon people. Many humans and a good portion of elves saw themselves as the masters over these groups because they were there first and things should go back to the way things were regardless of the Creator’s wishes to add these finishing touches to his masterpiece. It is the concept of the jealous older sibling that he is no longer alone to inherit his Creator’s gift of the world plus everywhere you go it is just natural human sin nature for someone to place themselves above others.

I was then thinking after societies pieced themselves back together after the cataclysm, wars constantly broke out that ended with centuries old hatred. The world divided between accepting the new races and talking creatures or exterminating them. Some tried to portray these new additions as abominations against the creator and should be eradicated as the Creator’s will. This led to inquisition factions but others rose up in defense of their own interpretation of the Creator’s will that if he willed them into existence then it is meant to be. Because of this support, some humanoid races mixed together along with elves and humans due to their genetic compatibilities as humanoids which of course worsened their case with those who seek supremacy of keeping their racial bloodlines pure. As for the the 4 legged creatures, they had a tougher time of trying to seem more than just monstrous abominations that are too smart for their good. I mean who wants to hear what their sassy cat is thinking……. mine probably would not survive long. XD

I was thinking many kingdoms tried to enslave, exterminate, or drive them out. I would like to say those who believe in the Creator the most are the 4 legged creatures who took it as a challenge to reach their Creator given potential. They began to band together to find ways they can show they are equals or even better than their 2 legged neighbors with honor, strength, integrity, and faith.

The idea of the charter began to grow as the creatures gave their services to those truly in need, especially unprotected villages that became the most prosperous in the land due to the services the creatures could offer. Through this creatures developed a strict code of ethics to keep their place with accountability and not give their enemies excuses to find fault with them. However, a good portion of the creatures and some persecuted 2 legged races gave up on civility and turned to savage ways to voice their hatred. Soon several kingdoms of 2 legged races saw they had no choice but to make an agreement/charter to recognize these creatures as their equals. Many interpreted the move as an experiment or a band aid to cool down the rising hatred that could threaten a fight to the death for survival. There were those who were pragmatic about the potential benefits they saw their society could benefit from if they included the creatures into their culture. However both sides had still factions who remained against any cooperation and are only acceptive of their own kind and anyone else is their enemy. This racial discrimination/isolation will be a huge obstacle for my MC princess who will set out to unite them as the only way for everyone to survive the pending doom that comes for them all. Her biggest point, they are all the Creator’s chosen/His children. They are stuck with each other because they each have a God-given purpose and they better start accepting it. XD

Huh. I suppose that makes sense. Do they modify their appearance in any interesting ways to better stand out from the wilder varieties (with certain haircuts or brands/tattoos or dyed color markings or piercings or…) or are they just more neatly groomed and/or accessorized?

Yeah, I wanted to have them add to the regional culture with their copies or own original flavors to their society’s way of cosmetics and fashion with all the above examples.

Interesting! Vacation and built-in babysitters are always nice. XD Dentists would be helpful, lol. And general doctors, too, more along the lines of veterinarians. That could be an interesting field to explore, especially since I suspect you’d have to have different specialists for different species. That could create a lot of high-demand job openings.

Yeah definitely XD I would say depending on how friendly the region is to the 4 legged creatures, these catering merchants and specialists are highly prized and protected among the 4 legged creatures’ communities as it does also signify a great deal of trust between the 2 legged races and the creatures. The creatures will go as far as to make sure the shop owners are always fed, healthy, and prosperous to keep them in business. Some 2 legged races will even volunteer to journey to remote communities of these intelligent creatures who regard them as a good investment to meet their daily needs as the specialist meets theirs. So in short one could consider themselves well set up for life with one of the most honest jobs with great benefits. Most shops are usually a collection of specialists that specialize in crafting/repairs, health, and luxury, the one stop shop with the everything a creature could ask for. XD

I think a rambled a bit much on this XD hopefully that all made sense as I still have more details to work out and I am always open to new ideas. I feel this is quite experimental as I have never read/heard of an author doing something like this in depth.

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