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R.M. Archer

Ah, that makes sense. I can see something sort of along these lines working well:

I hadn’t considered the sound issue. Something fabric-like is a good way to get around that, and guild-specific patterns sound really neat.

That’s interesting! What were the barriers to those alliances previously/what motivated them to remain separate, and how were those conflicts reasoned through or overpowered around the creation of the charter?

Huh. I suppose that makes sense. Do they modify their appearance in any interesting ways to better stand out from the wilder varieties (with certain haircuts or brands/tattoos or dyed color markings or piercings or…) or are they just more neatly groomed and/or accessorized?

Interesting! Vacation and built-in babysitters are always nice. XD Dentists would be helpful, lol. And general doctors, too, more along the lines of veterinarians. That could be an interesting field to explore, especially since I suspect you’d have to have different specialists for different species. That could create a lot of high-demand job openings.

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