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Sydney Witbeck


Hi Sydney, Iā€™m Emma. Welcome to Story Embers! We seem to have a lot in common. Iā€™m also a Jesus-loving bibliophile with an obsession for both horses (and drawing them! šŸ˜‚) and Middle Earth. And Tumnus is the best name ever for a goat. I love the medieval time period, and your book sounds interesting. I wish you luck with your refractory characters. What is your favorite thing about writing medieval fiction?

Hello hello!! I’m glad to be here!!

Jesus, horses, and Middle-Earth….what more can a girl ask for? XD

Thank you! Tumnus is super cute, super spoiled, and a great listener when I need an ear. Even if he did try to eat my writing notebook…..

Aww thanks! =) Maybe sometime in the near future they will learn enough wisdom to listen to me XD

Hmmmm…..my favorite thing about writing medieval fiction is that I get to write fantasy full of swordfights, bow and arrows, adventure, royalty, riding horses into battle, and gorgeous flowing dresses! XD Oh yeah, and the fact that if my characters don’t behave there is always the threat of sticking them in a dungeon šŸ˜…

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